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J/24 Tuning and How-To Guide

April 28, 2016


While the sail shapes have not changed all that much, J/24 sailing has undergone dramatic evolution in the past twenty-five years. This ebook provides information on preparation, Quantum’s sail tuning and technique, and other helpful tips to make sure you’re ready to meet your challenge in today’s competitive J/24 fleets. It represents two decades of accumulated knowledge as passed down to and refined by this generation’s best J/24 sailors.

There is no magic elixir for performance. It’s the sum of incremental gains. In a game of inches, an extra 1% here and 2% there will add up, providing you with the difference critical to success. In the end, those small percentages will give you the edge needed to succeed.

As you read this guide, keep this in mind: a 1% increase in speed (from 5 to 5.05 knots) over a 10-mile course is equivalent to seven seconds per mile, or 1.2 minutes over the course.

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