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Meet Malizia II

October 25, 2019

She is the epitome of the advancements that can be made when experienced sailmakers and sailors work together closely. Boris Herrmann skippers Malizia II in some of the longest, harshest, and most demanding races in the world. Lasting sail performance and durability are of the utmost importance.

Malizia II is a part of the IMOCA 60 class which has a box rule that only allows eight sails onboard. Each sail must be optimized to perform at its maximum potential across different conditions and wind ranges. As Quantum sail designer Gildas Dubois describes, the goal is to “find the best compromise in terms of sail shape and size in order to have a powerful, durable, and versatile sail set”. Even within the class rules, there is a lot of room for sail development, giving the Quantum team room for creative thinking and problem solving than with any other class in the world right now according to Quantum sail designer Chris Williams. 

The experienced group of sailmakers and sail designers that has been leading the charge and working closely with Team Mailizia and other IMOCA 60 teams is comprised of Sven Krause, Chris Williams, Gildas Dubois, Jordi Calafat, and A. Kaan Is. Together, they have created a cohesive, high-performing sail plan for Malizia II using iQ technology and input from Team Malizia every step of the way. “The Malizia team have plenty of experience and we are able to bounce concepts back and forth,” says Williams. 

Quantum has also been fortunate enough to begin working with a second competitor in the IMOCA 60 class, Erik Nigon and Team Vers Un Monde Sans Sida. Quantum sail designer A. Kaan Is grew up sailing with Nigon’s co-skipper, Tolga Pamir and is excited to be working with him again to optimize the boat. Pamir has flown Quantum sails before in the Mini Class and Kaan remarks “when [Pamir] found a boat and a partner to take a further step for his Vendee Globe dream, he again preferred [Quantum]”.

Quantum’s work with the IMOCA 60 class exemplifies that the performance advantages of Quantum’s iQ Technology and design process extend far beyond winning inshore sails and into today’s most competitive ocean races. Quantum and Team Malizia will continue to work hand-in-hand testing, researching, and optimizing the sail plan for Malizia II as Boris Herrmann campaigns for the 2020 Vendée Globe. As designer Sven Krause emphasizes, “...we hope for a good result, but we will mainly use the race to collect data and improve our iQ models for IMOCAs. The goal is to design the best possible sails for the Vendée Globe 2020”.

Look for Malizia II and other Quantum-powered IMOCA 60s in 2019 and 2020 events including the Transat Jacques Vabre, the Transat, and Transat New York.


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