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Didac Costa's On-the-Water Batten Repair

January 13, 2021

As you can see, relplacing a batten on an IMOCA 60 in the middle of the ocean is not for the faint of heart. Get a look at the process from Didac's headcam. 

Didac shared the video after replacing the mainsail batten that fell victim to a jibe in 30 knot winds a few days previous. Didac shows the process in four main steps:

  1. Lower the mainsail and remove the broken batten.
  2. Cut the replacement batten to the exact size.
  3. Finish taking down the mainsail. 
  4. Go up the leeward side, insert the new batten, and you're ready to go!

(Last, but not least, remember to hoist the mainsail agian when you're done!)

Didac shared the video of the successful batten swap on his social media with a note thanking Quantum for "...their unmeasurable attention to detail. For example, the Kevlar batten covers makes it very easy to remove when it breaks."

Learn more about Didac Costa and his Vendee Globe campaign here, or check out his offical website and social media.
Instagram: @_didaccosta_
Facebook: @didaccosta


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