Welcome Aboard, New Team Members - July 2023

Please help us welcome our latest team members! The entire Quantum team is available and excited to make sure you are ready for whatever adventures and challenges lie ahead. For the most up to date information about loft hours and operations, please give your local loft a call. Read below to learn more about our newest experts. Welcome aboard!

Sail Consultant

Rowley, Massachusetts
P: 978-590-7074

Luke Buxton grew up in Sayville, NY, and learned to sail at the Wet Pants Sailing Association on the Great South Bay. He was lucky to have parents who liked to sail and spent most of his summers on Fire Island. Luke attended Salem State University in Salem, MA, where he majored in education and was a member of the sailing team. He currently lives in Rowley, MA, with his wife and two children.

Luke’s introduction and what became his passion for racing and cruising sailboats started with his next-door neighbor, who would gather a group of kids to race and help deliver boats from the north to the south shore of Long Island. This experience sparked Luke’s choice to make the sailboat business his career. He first worked at Weeks Yacht Yard, building DN ice boats and Force 5 sailboats. Luke moved back to Massachusetts in 1997 and worked for Dion's Yacht Yard as a rigger and painter. In 2016, he moved to Manchester Marine as a customer service and project manager, refitting and conducting annual maintenance on yachts ranging from 13 feet to 65 feet. Luke currently sails Stars and recently bought a Finn. He and his wife also owned a J/30 and C&C 29 and enjoyed racing and cruising both boats. 

“I have been impressed with the quality of the products Quantum offers, and I feel fortunate to be working with the company. Quantum’s team approach, education, and giving back to the sport is a winning combination for all types of sailing. My goal is to help each customer with the overall aspects of how they use their boat, whether it’s a day sailor or mega yacht.”


Quantum Sails Annapolis
P: 267-615-6117

Jasmine Chandy grew up and went to high school in Philadelphia, but has lived in many places, including Long Island, New York, where she learned to sail. Sailing is a sentimental sport for Jasmine because it was something she learned to do with her dad when she was a child. She first learned to sail on a family-owned Hunter 33 and from there she begged her dad to enroll her in sailing camp. Jasmine learned to sail Optis, 420s, and J/22s at the WaterFront Center in Oyster Bay and sailed Sunfish in New Hampshire for six years. During that time, Jasmine got her ASA 103 and completed a power boating introduction course at SUNY Maritime. At the beginning of her freshman year in high school, Jasmine became a summer sailing instructor for children ages 5 to 15 at the Annapolis Sailing School where she taught for four years on Americans and Rainbows. Jasmine continues to sail on Americans and Rainbows as well as her family’s Sun Odyssey 410.

Jasmine now lives in Annapolis and is the receptionist at the Quantum Sails Annapolis loft, where she “works with a wonderful group of very knowledgeable people. I’ve loved sailing ever since I was a kid, and being able to work in a profession in conjunction with a sport I love is such an amazing opportunity. It’s been a delight so far, and I look forward to the time I spend with this company.”

Service Technician

Quantum Sails Mallorca

Mari Carmen Garcia was born in Palma de Mallorca. She began her sewing education at the Cut and Dress Academy when she was only 14 years old. At the age of 16, Mari began working in the textile department of a company while continuing her studies at the same time. In 1999, she began working in the nautical division of a sails and canvas company. It was there that Mari discovered the world of sailing and began to fall in love with the industry while gaining valuable experience in sails and canvas.

Mari enjoyed 12 years working for Matías Gil at the Bon Vent Company, where Matías taught her about the manufacturing and repair of everything related to sails and covers for racing, cruising, and motor yachts. In 2015, Mari joined Quantum Sails Palma, where she met Martin Winter, Team Alaro’s Grand Prix sailmaker. She worked with Pilar and Andreu, colleagues who also make up the Quantum Sails Alaro Team. At the end of 2022, Martin asked Mari to come and join him at the Quantum Sails Mallorca loft, bringing the original crew back together again. 

“I am proud to be working for Quantum and with a team of professional, friendly people. I enjoy the working environment and the ability to always learn and gain new skills. I am still very much in love with this profession that has given me great experiences and friendships. I take pride in my work, and will be here to take care of all our customers’ canvas and cover projects.”

Service Technician 

Quantum Sails Annapolis

Andrew LeDuc grew up sailing at the Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis, Maryland, and competed in 420s on his high school team. Andrew went to Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, where he received a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. After graduating, Andrew spent a few years in the yachting industry working as a deckhand on private yachts before being introduced to sailmaking at Doyle Sails in Salem, Massachusetts. When the Salem venue closed due to the pandemic, Andrew moved to the Doyle Sails location in Newport, Rhode Island. During the summer of 2022, Andrew joined the Quantum team in Annapolis. “Sewing is probably my favorite part about sailmaking,” said Andrew. “We have such a great team in Annapolis, and I enjoy working with this group and our local customers to keep everybody happy on the water”.

Service Technician/Sailmaker

Quantum Sails Gulf Coast
P: 281-508-9465

Johnnie Ray Moore has lived on the coast of Texas his entire life, spending time in the local waters since he was a child. New to the sailing scene, Johnnie grew up surfing the waters of Galveston Island and in his adult years boating as much as possible. From 2000 to 2010, Johnnie participated in local charity surfing tournaments. “I have an amazing family and am a family man to the roots. I am excited to be a part of the Quantum team and can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead!”

Junior Sailmaker/Salesperson

Quantum Sails Chicago
P: 847-239-4456

Ethan Wheeler was born in Palatine, Illinois, but moved to Wisconsin when he was a child. He was introduced to sailing by his father, who took Ethan and his siblings sailing on a Hobie 16 when they were young. Ethan did not take a liking to it and remembers being the first to complain. But when he was 16, Ethan sailed solo for the first time on a Sunfish, and he discovered a new love for the sport that’s remained since.

Ethan moved back to Chicago when he was 18 and attended the University of Illinois Chicago where he graduated with a degree in computer science. Not sure how sailing would fit into his busy school schedule, Ethan consulted one of his professors who happened to be an avid sailor. They devised a strategy, and Ethan headed to the Quantum Chicago loft, beginning work there on a part-time basis in 2021 and absorbing as much information as he could. Following a few conversations with Quantum’s Todd Basch, Ethan became certain that this was the path he wanted to pursue. 

In Chicago, Ethan races in various types of boats, most recently concentrating on the J/70's. He participated in the Davis Island Yacht Club 2 and 3 regattas this last winter season. Now that he has completed his college education, Ethan aims to become more actively engaged with the J/70 fleet. 

Ethan is currently a Junior Sailmaker and Salesperson at the Chicago loft. “Being employed at Quantum gives me the opportunity to acquaint myself with various aspects of the sailing community in Chicago and beyond, fulfilling my passion for sailing. It serves as a reminder that my knowledge of sailing and sailmaking is limited, which pushes me with enthusiasm to acquire more understanding in these areas.”

Service and Production

Quantum Sails Newport

Joel van Wyk was born and raised between Durban and Cape Town, South Africa. He now calls Newport, Rhode Island, home after living in New York for a few years. Joel comes from a long line of sailors who got him out on the water in a variety of small boats from as early as he can remember. That instilled in him a deep love for the ocean from a young age and led to Joel becoming a lifelong surfer, fisherman, paddler, and obviously, sailor. One of his fondest sailing memories was leisurely cruising the east coast of Australia for a few months with his family on their catamaran.

While in South Africa, Joel studied business and commerce and has had a successful career in sales and customer service. Recently, Joel has been honing his seamanship skills aboard numerous tall ships and schooners and has been competing in classic yacht regattas. He also joined the Quantum team in sail service and production. 

"I love being hands on with the sails every single day. It's an art, a craft, and a science all in one, which is exceptionally rewarding and satisfying. I don't think I'll ever stop learning something new, which makes every day an exciting challenge."

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