Strong Growth Recorded for Quantum Sails Ireland

Quantum Ireland's Mark Mansfield gives a brief update on popular fleets and new customers in Ireland.

As I reported in November, top results have been coming hard and fast for Quantum Sails clients in events such as the TP52, RC44, Club Swan 50, Melges 32, Club Swan 36 and other international classes, where boats with Quantum Sails are winning some of these important World Championships.

It is no surprise then that this has translated into orders for new sails from the racing community in Ireland. Quantum Sails Ireland has had tremendously strong Autumn and Winter sales so far, with orders from all parts of the country.

Owners understand that our sails are fast, our product durable, and our pricing is competitive. In particular, the competitive large and middle-sized race boat owners seem to be looking to Quantum as a great alternative. Recently, we have agreed on some sails for the Grand Soleil 44 Samatom, which won the Sovereign's Cup last year. Also in Howth, we have a full suit of sails ordered for a new Cape 31.

We have some new sails for a J/122e that also just arrived into Howth and, in addition, new upwind sails for a well known J/109 in Dublin.

New Quantum sails are going on the J/122 Kaya, which won the ICRA Nationals overall last September, plus a host of other race boats from Cork, Kinsale, Fenit, Waterford, Greystones, Arklow, Galway, Northern Ireland and other areas.

In addition, our strong position with cruising boat owners continues, with many cruising owners opting for more upmarket sail and construction choices.

Quantum Sails Galway

We have a full-sized loft in Galway where sails can be inspected and any work needing to be done can happen quickly. This is an excellent advantage to us, as owners can send in existing sails to be inspected and repaired with the benefit of viewing the sails fully laid out. Not every sailmaker in Ireland can offer this full-size loft option. With the sailing season looming, sails can still be ordered for Spring 2022. So order your new sais now, you'll want to be ahead of the Spring rush! For enquiries on new racing or cruising sails, contact Mark Mansfield or Yannick Lemonnier.

Mark Mansfield: Tel  087 2506838
Yannick Lemonnier: Tel: 087 628 9854

About Quantum Sails Galway & West Sails Ireland 

The sail loft is owned and managed by Yannick Lemonnier, a former professional sailor. Opened since Jan 2011, West Sails joined forces with Quantum Sails in 2013.

Prior to coming to Ireland, Yannick worked in La Rochelle with a leading French sailmaker and he is trained in the most modern high tech CAD-based systems and software. Yannick understands sail design and has the experience and expertise to advise you on all of your needs.

In 2020, Irish Olympic helmsman, professional sailor and coach Mark Mansfield joined the loft as a sales agent.


Originally published by Mark Mansfield on Afloat 

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