Quantum Sails Shine at Swan European Regatta

Nautor Swan’s ClubSwan Racing Event hosted by the Turku Yacht Club in the City of Turku was held July 19 to 23, 2023 with more than thirty Swan sailboats participating. One of the three present Swan 55s, the latest model of the range, was Truelove, Quantum-equipped and raced by Quantum Sails Mallorca team member, Christian Fornés.

Truelove proved to be formidable, placing 3rd overall in ORC1 and pulling ahead of the other two Swan 55s in each race.

Quantum Sails Mallorca team member, Christian Fornés’ relationship with John Zeiler, owner of Truelove, goes back over 12 years. When the loft in Mallorca joined Quantum Sails, Christian continued his relationship with John and introduced Quantum’s wide range of racing and cruising sails. The sails used on Truelove during the regatta were the Main, an M6 – White Taffeta, the Jib – an M6 – White Taffeta and an A3 – Furling in Fibermax.

Quantum Sail Designer, Mario Trindade, provided his thoughts on equipping Truelove for this regatta:

Quantum: Did you face any challenges when designing the sails?
Mario: The biggest challenge was the information gathering as this was a new boat and we had to rely on our industry partners to deliver all the geometry and measurements for our model. After that everything ran smoothly on the project.

Quantum: How did iQ help you get it right, straight from the beginning?
Mario: IQ was fundamental to help us determine the exact amount of fibers we needed on the sails to achieve the best weight/performance balance of the product.

For more information on how Quantum utilizes iQ technology in the design of our sails, visit iQ Technology: Intelligent Sail Design - Quantum Sails.

Quantum: Any comments on the balance of performance and ease of sail-handling for a boat that will mostly be used as a cruiser.? i.e., What were the materials used? And why were they selected for this application?
Mario: The initial briefing on the sails suggested the owner wanted performance cruising sails. Sails that were easy enough to handle short crewed when cruising but also would deliver race performance when needed! The product of choice was the Fusion M6 line with Taffeta finish. M6’s are built from a mix of Carbon and Technora yarns that deliver long lasting shapes, lightness, and together with the Taffeta skins, great UV resistance. Perfect for the briefing presented!

Quantum: Any other thoughts on the process of working with Swan, the owner, the salesman, the production, etc...?
Mario: It was great having multiple industry partners on this project and awesome to see a big coordination of data and design working out with a brand new boat. The highlight of the work was the dedication of Christian Fornés, who was very careful to choose and work on all the little details and aspects of the sail, delivering the product to the client exactly as he wanted.

Quantum Sails takes great pride in servicing the needs of our clients. The journey of Truelove is just one example of how we can create a custom solution and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. If you are looking to outfit your boat with the latest technology, and would like to work with our highly talented group of sailmakers, reach out to your nearest loft to start the conversation.

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