Quantum Sails Announces Partnership with Advanced Wing Systems

Quantum Sails is excited to announce its partnership with Advanced Wing Systems, the industry leader in soft-wing sails. In addition to sharing its technologies and knowledge, Quantum Sails will also provide Advanced Wing Systems with sail membranes for wing sails as well as headsails, codes sails, and spinnakers modified to work with the special spars needed for soft-wing sails. This partnership expands the support network for the Advanced Wing Systems wing sail to include Quantum Sails lofts worldwide.

As official suppliers to America’s Cup Challenger American Magic, Quantum Sails and Advanced Wing Systems worked closely together in developing the sails, mast, and rigging for the program. Given each team’s advanced technologies and dedication to innovation, the potential opportunities for a partnership were evident early on. Quantum’s iQ Technology® design process and experts paired with Advanced Wing Systems’ twin-sail wing designs and engineers will together create an avenue for Advanced Wing Systems to make wing sails and their performance advanages accessible to more of the yachting world. Quantum Sail’s iQ Technology gives Advanced Wing Systems improved modelling capability to enable the optimization of the sails, masts, and rigging and provide an industry leading solution.

Founded in 2012, Advanced Wing Systems was an early leader in the concept of soft-wing sails, which deliver many of the performance benefits of the rigid wing sails used in previous America’s Cup matches but with fewer operational and logistical difficulties. Advanced Wing Systems' approach provides a practical combination of aerodynamic performance and robust design. The system is suited to almost any sized boat, and the simple and robust design means it can even withstand the rigors of ocean sailing and racing.

"Working with the Quantum team allows us to offer a full range of sails and wing membranes in a variety of fabrics allowing us to cater for different applications,” says Greg Johnston of Advanced Wing Systems. “Advanced Wing Systems was an official supplier to American Magic, New York Yacht Club’s America's Cup challenger. With Quantum as the sail supplier to the team, it makes sense to combine our expertise to bring enhanced products to the greater sailing market."

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Robert Mott
Robert Mott

A project in Darwin is fitting a set of Advance Wing Systems Sails and rig on a protoype alloy 52 foot pod performance cruising cat.