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Quantum Racing and 878 Announce Partnership

Quantum Racing, one of the most well known professional sailing teams, and 878, an emerging and innovative professional sailing brand, announce their partnership for the 2022-2023 seasons. The Quantum Racing team will use RedDot award-winning, full graphene technical and life-style products of 878, in order to improve the performance of its sailors. As part of the partnership, Quantum Racing will also benefit from the innovative wearable sailing solutions of 878.

Starting in 1996, Quantum Sails has taken the art and science of sailmaking to the highest level to produce the most efficient and fastest sail shapes possible. Today, they’re equally relentless about delivering a higher standard of service, customer care, education, support and mentorship.

The Quantum Racing Team is their testbed. The on-board crew includes a dozen top-level, professional sailors selected for their sailing expertise, competitiveness, and desire to support the goals and objectives of the Quantum Racing program. Team members are focused on winning races as well as product development, accessibility to fellow sailors and fans, and building relationships with strategic partners.

According to Ed Reynolds, the CEO of Quantum Sails, "We're excited about the synergy between our two companies – both committed to taking on the biggest challenges in sailing. The 878 team has an unprecedented vision for developing technical gear that reduces the physical strain on our most important asset, our sailing team, and enables real-time data-sharing.

We both believe that graphene is a breakthrough in technical gear and sail structure. Quantum Sails has been developing graphene solutions in sailcloth since 2018. Since then, Quantum Racing has been the only sailing team I'm aware of using graphene sails. Working with a company with the same commitment to taking on challenges that others shy away from will be fun and inspiring.”

878 is a challenger in the sailing industry with innovative products integrating graphene material and embedded technology solutions. The company focuses on solving new challenges of professional sailing caused by the foiling revolution and increased speed, as a consequence. In 2021, 878 introduced the world’s first smart sailing jacket.

With its full graphene portfolio, 878 offers a unique set of technical apparel, which is ultralight, super-flexible and thermal conductive. Besides its clothing products, they develop innovative, wearable technology solutions to provide constant access to sailing data to all team members on board. Their harness with foldable screen, works as an extension of the boat instruments and displays all relevant information to the sailors.

"It is a real honor for us to team up with Quantum Racing and contribute to their already outstanding performance. It is time to move on and leave the products of the last 15 years behind. Professional sailing is in a massive transformation and both the clothing of sailors and devices they use on board must represent material and technology innovation. We believe graphene is the new Gore-Tex and wearables will be the new standard.” – said Istvan Papp, founder and CEO of 878.

This article was originally published by 878.

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