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Quantum-Powered Teams Dominate at the 2019 St. Petersburg NOOD Regatta

Quantum's Travis Odenbach had a weekend to envy at the recent 2019 St. Petersburg NOOD Regatta. His Quantum-powered team Honeybadger not only won the J/70 Class, but was also declared the Overall Winner, which names his team the Challenger for the HellyHansen NOOD Caribbean Championship. 

Quantum-powered teams also dominated in the other major one design classes took the top podium spots in the J/24, J/88, J/111, and Melges 24 classes. Quantum-powered teams also placed 2nd in the J/88 class and PHRF 1, and third in the J/111 class.

Alex Shafer helmed the winning Melges 24 Vixen spoke with Sailing World at the end of the final day: "The breeze came up and we had really good sailing today," Shafer says. "The boat was moving well and we went to cover the people we needed to cover, but the boats behind us started to cover each other and race for second place, so that kind of let us walk away with it."

"We went out there to sail clean and we were able to do that," he says. "We got a little beat up at a mark rounding -- literally, one crew member got a black eye and I got a scrape on my scalp -- someone said the wrong thing at the wrong time and heads came up in the middle of a jibe, but we came out of it alright. It was one of the best NOODs yet."

In the J/88 class, Iris Vogel won the podium battle with her team Deviation in the tough conditions and a tough fleet by focusing on boatspeed and starts. "In this fleet we had to be just fast," Vogel told Sailing World. "Everyone is so close and so good. One mistake and you go from first to fifth. Our goal is to get a good start and go as fast as we can and hold on to it."

Another big congratulations to the Quantum-powered teams. Thank you for trusting us to power your programs!

  • Travis Odenbach’s Honeybadger – 1st Place J/70, Overall Winner
  • Carter White’s YouRegatta – 1st Place J/24
  • Iris Vogel’s Diviation – 1st Place J/88
  • John & Jordan Leahey’s Dutch – 2nd Place J/88
  • Rob Ruhlman’s Spaceman Spiff – 1st Place J/111
  • Ian Hill’s Sitella – 3rd Place J/111
  • Alex Shafer’s Vixen – 1st Place Melges 24
  • George Gamble’s My Sharona – 3rd Place PHRF 1 (C&C 30)
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