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Quantum Cleveland Welcomes Karl Felger as New Loft Manager

August 22, 2016

Orange Peel Regatta - Felger sails with a Quantum Powered team at the 2016 Orange Peel Regatta.

Quantum Sails is excited to announce that Karl Felger has joined the team as Loft Manager at the Quantum Cleveland loft. With a lifetime of sailing experience and several years of loft experience, Felger’s looking forward to the opportunity to share his passion for sailing with others.

Raised in a family of sailors, Felger has spent every summer on the water since he was eight years old. He always knew he wanted to make sailing his career, but it never seemed to be the right time. After graduating from college, he spent two years at the Quantum Toledo loft before becoming a software product architect. Though his job focused on designing websites and mobile apps, Felger took every opportunity to sail in his free time.

Throughout the years, Felger maintained a close relationship with the Quantum Cleveland owners, and when they needed to hire a new loft manager, they immediately thought of him. “When we were thinking about our ideal candidate, Karl fit the mold perfectly,” said Ryan Ruhlman, owner of Quantum Cleveland. “He has a good base of sailing talent, and he’s spent time on the floor over the years. He has great contacts in the sailing world, and many good local connections to build on.

“He also has a strong work ethic and is passionate about the sport. Karl’s experience outside of sailing provides him with great project management skills and an ability to drive development. Those skills will be invaluable in growing our area and our products.” 

For Felger, this is the opportunity he’s been waiting for. “I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but never felt comfortable doing it on my own. The Ruhlmans have put tremendous effort and resources into their loft, and we agree on so many things regarding how we want to grow the sport of sailing. It ended up being impossible for me to turn down their offer.” 

As the loft manager, Felger will work with sailors on a daily basis to help them achieve their sailing goals and prepare for the next challenge. Whether he’s in the loft or on-site at regattas and trade shows, he’ll be available to share his knowledge and experience with others. 

“What I’d like to do is expand on the customer service relationship,” he said. “It’s our customers’ experiences that are going to help grow the sport. I want my work to reflect them and their experiences, and I want to recognize them as well. 

“Also, I know what it’s like to have questions about sailing, but not feel comfortable asking them. I want people to feel comfortable calling me, texting me, walking up to me with a question. I love sailing, and I love helping people. Now someone is going to pay me to do something I love and spread my passion for the sport, so I want to pay it forward as much as I can.”

Felger can be reached at the Quantum Cleveland loft at 216-361-2594 or by email at

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The Discussion

sally kobel

So proud of my son! When he first told me about this amazing opportunity I was overwhelmed with happiness and pride. He is an awesome man and will thrive in the atmosphere where he belongs. He will represent your company proudly and will always give 110% if not more. Good luck to you, Karl.

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