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Meet Quantum Sails Latin America

Get familiar with our network of lofts and experts in Latin America! From Mexico to Argentina, wherever your sailing takes you, we've got you covered.

Many of the Quantum Sails lofts in Latin America have been around since 2001, with Mexico being the latest addition a few years ago. Even though these lofts are spread throughout several countries, sail consultant Alejandro Irigoyen explains the lofts work well together and support each other. Alejandro continues, "local knowledge is key to helping customers in many locations in Latin America. Our sail consultants know every boat, every owner, and they know what you need for the type of sailing you're doing in your location." Working with the network of Quantum experts in Latin America is a very personalized experience.

Since sailing, particularly racing, has been so restricted during the pandemic in Latin America, Alejandro encourages customers to think ahead and reach out to the Quantum team as you plan your season ahead. "We don't just make sails, we make your boat faster, easier to sail, and the best way to do that is to contact us to help plan your sailing".

Read below for contact information for each loft!

Quantum Sails Argentina

P + 54 911 5421 9803

Quantum Sails Brasil

P 55 51 3266 0523

Quantum Sails Chile

P +56 9 9419 0824

Quantum Sails Colombia

P +57 301 407 9856


Quantum Sails Mexico

P +52 1 55 5251 6154


Quantum Sails Peru

P +51 9 9813 4242


Quantum Sails Uruguay

P +598 99 878918

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