Italia Yachts USA and Quantum Sails Announce Partnership

Quantum Sails and Italia Yachts USA, exclusively represented by David Walters Yachts, are pleased to announce a partnership. The Italia Yachts and David Walters Yachts strategic partnership began in 2019 with DWY being named Italia’s exclusive dealer in North America. Under the direction of Italia Yachts USA Sales Director Erik Haaland and the leadership of DWY President Josh McLean, the Italia brand has experienced tremendous growth and gained momentum in the United States.

The visibility and success of Italia Yachts across the US can be attributed to several factors, one of which is its growing partnership with Quantum Sails, a global leader in high-quality, high-performance sails with some of the most innovative technology in the industry. Partnering with Quantum Sails has been instrumental in increasing the level of service provided to Italia customers, both before and after they have commissioned their new Italia Yachts.

The DWY and Quantum Sails Annapolis team have had a longstanding relationship, so it’s been a natural fit for Erik Haaland and Quantum’s Andrew Waters to spearhead the US operation. The teamwork between DWY and the Annapolis loft has been critical to the program’s success and has resulted in seamless customer service. In 2019, the duo won the Annapolis Yacht Club’s double-handed distance race aboard the Italia Yachts 9.98 demonstration boat Vichingo.

“Andrew has provided a level of service that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations,” says Haaland. “There is simply no substitute for a highly knowledgeable, professional sailmaker who is detail-oriented and willing to explain the nuances of sail trim and characteristics unique to an Italia yacht. Andrew’s hands-on participation in the Italia Yachts program continues to be a precious asset as the brand grows in the US.” Waters adds: "This partnership has made me think beyond making and selling sails to the client relationship and engaging with them in a whole new way.”  

“The foundation of success for David Walters Yachts has always been a laser focus on the customer experience, unparalleled product knowledge, and a devotion to doing things right,” says Josh McLean. “When introducing the brand to the US, I knew we needed to apply these same principles to build something special and unique. After seeing the work ethic, attitude, and professionalism of our colleagues at Quantum, it was clear they were the right fit for our vision and the success of Italia Yachts in the US.”

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