Getting Excited About the All-New J/99

The new J/99 is a hot topic in the sailing community, and Quantum is no exception when it comes to sharing the enthusiasm. The J/99 is an incredible addition to the J/Boat lineup that is filling a growing demand for short-handed racer/cruiser platforms that perform as well buoy racing as they do offshore.


Using our iQ Technology®, Quantum designers were able to create high-performing and versatile sail plans that bridge the gap between competitive racing and cruising in comfort. Quantum's J/Boat sail designer Kerry Klingler and sail consultant Kris Werner worked with RCR Yachts to create a fast set of sails with a racing-first focus that can easily transition into a performance cruising setup. They used Quantum's new Fusion M® VX sails to give the sails an added level of structural durability that will ensure fast, repeatable shapes.

Quantum class experts worked directly with clients to develop the best sail plan possible, designing every sail on the J/99 to fit the individual needs of the owner, be it racing, cruising, or something in-between. A sail with perfect shape on the first hoist that retains shape after repeated hoists was a testament to Quantum's design process and product. "We designed the sails to be versatile, easy to trim, and structured for a long life," explained Klingler about his approach with RCR Yachts. "One of the keys to our business is an understanding that these sails need to be adjusted for each client's needs and wishes," he adds. Kris Werner reinforces this customer-centric approach: "We discussed and researched all the best possible options, while keeping some level of cost and investment in mind. This is the type of detailed service and support that we intend for every client at Quantum."

Werner, a former broker at RCR Yachts, appreciates the continued relationship that his position as a Quantum sail consultant affords: "Supporting and working with RCR is a true pleasure," he says. "We at Quantum Sails Rochester do everything we can for them, and the enthusiasm RCR shows for our sport is closely matched to the customer-focused ideals of Quantum Sails. Our relationship is about helping customers get more enjoyment out of sailing and less about promoting one company over the other."

For more information on the J/99 and the Quantum sail plan, please reach out to Kris Werner, Kerry Klinger, or your local Quantum rep. We look forward to continued development with J/Boats and RCR Yachts.

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