System Sailing


System Sailing is a numerical approach to sailing with the ultimate goal of enhancing your experience on the water – no matter what type of sailing you enjoy. Taking a more systematic approach to your sailing will help you look at your boat differently and give you more confidence to face whatever challenge comes your way.


At sixteen, I wanted to learn how to race sailboats so I decided to buy all the books written by Stuart Walker and attend a seminar by Stuart and Peter Barrett. All this information was like learning a foreign language to me and was flooding my brain with information it had no idea how to process.

It all became clear to me in the very first race I sailed. I had all this knowledge in my head on how to race and roll tack. I knew the process yet never experienced the tack. I can remember this first tack like it happened yesterday. I used the information to execute a roll tack and the result was a lifelong experience. I realized the information I was learning was stored in my left side of the brain.

Everything clicked when I hit the water and all that information stored on the left side of my brain mixed with the experiences stored on the right side.

Little did I know, I was laying the framework for what I came to call System Sailing 50 years later. All the numbers we discuss in System Sailing is filed in the left side of the brain. Once this data is experienced on the right the process of learning becomes complete.


I’ve broken System Sailing into three core sections with a total of 12 lessons launching over the course of three months. Each lesson contains a short video, information for a deeper dive, and a corresponding playbook to help you tailor the process to you and your program.

SECTION 1: The Foundation – Ok, so the first core part doesn’t dive into the numbers just yet. But it’s incredibly important to take a systematic approach to your boat, crew, and goals or there won’t be enough of a foundation to build on.

SECTION 2: Setup – Now that your foundation is set, you need to build the framework. This section will look at gathering number to start educating your system. The core components are mark, measure, record, evaluate, and communicate.

SECTION 3: On the Water – It’s time to combine the information with experience. The final section looks at apply the numbers in real situations to improve your results and experience when it’s time to sail.

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