Chasing the Dream - Italia Yachts Series

Chasing the Dream tells the story and shares the experience of individuals with their sights set on achieving remarkable dreams. This first series follows along with the crews of two Italia Yachts, ARTEMIS, and VICHINGO, as they prepare to compete in two of the most iconic sailing races in the world. This six-part video series, professionally produced by 410 Films in Annapolis, will take you behind the scenes and into the cockpit of both sailing yachts as they plan, prepare, and compete.

Quantum Annapolis' Andrew Waters was a big part of the series' inception and has been closely involved with the process. He explained how different this project was from others he's worked on in the past. "A project like this takes you out of your normal element," Andrew said, "it has made me think about the relationship with the client in a whole new way. How can we engage beyond just making and selling sails."

Andrew has really enjoyed working with the customers, industry partners, and is excited to see this project launch. Check out the episodes below, and be on the lookout for the rest of the six-part series!

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