February 1, 2016 “When running I think the shrouds on my Star are interfering too much with the main, even with the spreaders forward and a reverse bend in the mast - The rig is on 27 on the Loose gauge, and I don`t want to loosen the shrouds.”

Mark Reynolds

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

To have the mast foot skid aft on the run, do you have experience with letting the mast skid on the plastic (delrin)? Maybe with some grease? I have previous good experience with the roller, but I would now try to avoid it - it can cause mechanical problems. 

If your mast butt slides aft the shrouds will loosen.  I use delrin as well.  I have a delrin plug in the bottom of the mast butt plug and have it angled about 3 or 4 mm in the front so when the mast goes forward it gets a bit shorter.  It also rides on a piece of delrin in the mast step.  The one is a very slight wedge to make it slide back easier.  I also made a slightly longer mast step in the back so the mast goes back a bit further to loosen the rig some more. I also spray some silicone or Teflon spray in the step. It works pretty good usually going back automatically as the mast goes forward but sometimes, especially if I pull on the forward puller too fast we have to let off the puller and pull back on the mast right at the deck to get it aft.

One other thing that will loosen the shrouds when running (and keep it tight upwind) is to slide the uppers a bit further forward so you could try that as well.

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