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February 1, 2016 “What do you feel is a reasonable clew height for a 142% racing genoa on a Frers 33? Is there any racing advantage other than visibility to having the clew higher?”

David Flynn

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

Without the exact dimensions and track locations of your boat, this is a tricky question; however here are some general guidelines. With race genoas, we try to keep the clew as low as possible to help with what is called the End Plate Effect. The End Plate Effect is when the air is fooled into going down the foot of the genoa and along the deck; this is why we make the foot of the genoa touch the deck. Also the clew height is dependent on the track locations. If the track stops behind the clew location, it is necessary to raise the clew height so the sheeting angle is correct. 

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