February 1, 2016 “What are your recommendations for a three-spinnaker inventory for a Farr 37. We race in the Great Lakes in primarily less than 15 knots of wind. Races include windward/leeward and point-to-point. I presently have an Airex™ 600N symmetrical, and an Airex™ 700N asymmetrical, code 3. What would be the recommended third cute?”

David Flynn

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

A three-sail inventory planned from scratch would probably include a code 2S symmetrical (VMG/AP) for 3-16 knots TWS, a code 4S symmetrical (runner) for 14-30 TWS, and a code 3 (full-size reaching) asymmetrical. Sounds like you have the Code 3 asymmetrical and in all probability your Airx 600 spinnaker is a true all-purpose sail. The sail to add would be a true runner (code 4S), which would give you a full, powerful pure downwind sail. When you replace the light symmetrical spinnaker, it could be made with a slightly lighter air (VMG) orientation.

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