February 1, 2016 “I am racing on a J/110 with a bowsprit and asymmetrical spinnakers. I previously raced on a C&C 30 with symmetrical chutes, and am experienced with spinnaker changes (peeling) with symmetrical spinnakers. Is there is a standard method of changing spinnakers on bowsprit boats? It is impossible to reach the clews to change sheets, thus it seems to me that I would need to use a second set of spinnaker sheets (sheet plus lazysheet combination) to make it work, plus a second set of aft turning blocks. Please let me know if there is recommended procedure or am I better off just changing chutes bare-poled?”

David Flynn

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

Peeling asymmetrical spinnakers are similar to a symmetrical spinnaker change. You are correct in your statement that you will need a second pair of spinnaker sheets and another aft turning block. Additionally, you will need another tack line run through the pole tip. Hook up the new asymmetrical spinnaker with the halyard attached, sheet attached and the second tack line. Hoist the new asymmetrical, just like you were setting the a-sail the first time. Remove the old a-sail, as you would do a douse and you are on your way. This is a very general synopsis, but one that works. Through trial and error, you and the crew will modify and adapt your own tricks. You will see crews do asymmetrical peels different ways. The best way to modify and perfect your technique is practice, practice, practice.

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