February 1, 2016 “How should I rig my Star outhaul?”

Mark Reynolds

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

You should have enough purchase on your outhaul system that by the time it gets to the final line you pull on there shouldn't be enough load on line to make a big difference on what line you use.  You don’t want any stretch in the system and you want it to run as smooth as possible.  I have a 1/4" spectra blend line but after a wire system that has a total purchase of 12 to 1.  I use a cascading purchase system that multiplies the purchase instead of putting it all into one place.  This is more efficient because of the multiplying effect there are fewer pulleys. There is a 2-1 inside the boom that then goes to a 3-1 right before exiting the front of the boom.  Then it goes to another 2 -1 with the line I pull on.  This allows me to trim the outhaul when sheeted in tight in any wind condition.

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