February 1, 2016 “Our Star's leech is very open on the main ( a newer Sobstad) and the sheet is two-blocked. The boat was set up using your tuning guide and when measured was at the correct length. The boat is a Buchan-cott. My question is should we keep shortening the forestay until the leech looks good or is there something else we're missing, like moving the mast step?”

Mark Reynolds

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

There are a few things that could be happening with the rake.  It does sound like if the boom is all the way to the deck and the leech is still open there is too much rake.  The older boats have the headstay further aft and also have a bit more freeboard forward so it wouldn't be surprising to be around 15" instead of closer to 17” on the new boats.  Sometimes the mast can be cut a bit long or the headstay can be a bit long as well so the measurement we use is a bit rough, more of a starting point.

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