Louis Lemond

January 12, 2018 “I am in the process of choosing a sailmaker to build my next mainsail for my Pearson 386. I want to know if there is a reasonable way to build in an extra layer of cloth into the luff area of an offshore quality Dacron stowaway mainsail to allow to carry about half of the roach of a a conventional mainsail yet still be able to furl without bunching and having a tenancy to jam. The capture for this is the one of the earliest retro fits which is an appendage riveted behind the mast.”

David Flynn

January 15, 2018 Quantum Expert Answer

I think what you're asking is if there is a way to build extra layer into the leech of the mainsail to help support additional roach. If this is your question the short answer is not really. Additional material itself is not enough to handle the compression loads generated by additional roach. You need batten structure. Vertical battens are not great in compression either, but, they do help support the extra area and allow for addition of some extra area. They also, however, increase the size of the bundle and represent opportunities for wear and tear and jamming. Unfortunately there is not free lunch when it comes to extra roach and a behind the mast or in mast furling mainsail. 

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