February 1, 2016 “What are your references for the optimum heel to windward, reaching, and downwind on a Star?”

Mark Reynolds

December 8, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

Upwind in light winds I heel enough to keep some helm and in any chop keep the chine cutting in rather than the bottom of the boat pounding.  In a breeze I think it's not so much thinking about the amount of heel (like degrees of heel) it's just a feel of how much the boat can heel over and still have a balanced helm and speed through the water.  I guess I just try to keep it as flat as possible without feathering too much.

Reaching is probably the same as upwind.  In the breeze I have the crew hike as much as possible and I concentrate a bit more on steering.  I've actually seen Torben go fast sometimes pretty heeled up, almost planing on the topside, the important thing is keeping the load off the rudder. When you are going fast enough you can sometimes heel up a bit without increasing the load on the rudder.  If you are going slow and heel over the tiller comes up to your face and you stop.

Running it's the amount of heal you need to balance the helm and steer the boat on the waves.

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