February 23, 2016 “I have a Hunter 260 and need a new spinnaker. I would like to be competitive with the S-2's at the regattas; what would you recommend?”

David Flynn

February 17, 2016 Quantum Expert Answer

You should have a maximum-size symmetrical racing spinnaker that is used in the conventional way with a spinnaker pole so you can sail deep and fast; in other words, not an asymmetrical spinnaker. With gradual, careful shaping you will have maximum projected area for running and a controlled, flat profile with a nice open leech for reaching.  

Be sure to have a good spinnaker trimmer on the sheet and carry light sheets for the lower wind range. The best material would be the Airx™ ripstop spinnaker nylon. This is a special weave with very low stretch as well as higher tear and burst strength compared to other similar products in the "three-quarter ounce" weight range.  Because we optimize sails to expected conditions, we can do the best job for you by speaking with you about the area where you sail, the kind of courses you are likely to have, etc. You can find a Quantum loft near you or call us at (888) 773-4889. 

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