December 8, 2015 “I am interested in having a mizzen staysail for my 1986 Block Island 40. The sail plan is similar to a B40. I would like the sail to fill area between the main and mizzen masts, but cut high enough to clear my dinghy on the deck. What are your thoughts on this? By the way, I do not like stripes. ”

David Flynn

December 7, 2015 Quantum Expert Answer

A mizzen staysail is typically cut out of 1.5oz ripstop nylon. It must fit the rig properly, particularly when you have a special issue like clearance over the dinghy. Your best bet is to work directly with the nearest Quantum sail consultant who will take measurements from your boat. Check here on our website for various locations and contact numbers. If that is not possible, we can send you a measurement form and instructions to get the required information. If you don't like stripes, you can request a solid color, perhaps something that matches a spinnaker you use or complements the hull color. We can provide color samples from which to choose.    (link note: URL of Loft finder page)

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