Doug Stryker

January 15, 2018 “I read your article on sail repair. The wave pattern band aid patches is a great idea for leech laminate breakdown repairs. Why don’t you apply the same strategy to spreader patched? I would think the same logic would apply and this would ensure that you don’t have a hard straight line minimizing the acceleration of delamination at the edge?”

Eric Grigsby

January 15, 2018 Quantum Expert Answer

That's a great insight and question. Currently sailmaker’s don’t cut the edges of spreader patches into a wave formation, although it’s not a bad idea. Typically most Sailmaker’s will offset the spreader patches by about 2-3” on one side of the sail to ensure that no edge will be back to back. This offset is usually sufficient on most laminate sails to prevent breakdown, especially when insignia is used as this is a softer lighter cloth. The same rule applies to stanchion patches on the foot.

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