December 7, 2015 “How do you set up your Star upper and lower backstay adjusters?”

Mark Reynolds

March 11, 2016 Quantum Expert Answer

I have 8 to 1 on the uppers and 5 to 1 on the lowers.  I use the micro blocks.  On the upper I have the block with becket (225) on the bottom and double fiddle (244) on the top and for the lowers I have the double on the bottom (226) with the fiddle with becket (245)on the top.  The initial 2-1 on the upper is a Shaffer block that they don’t make anymore so the smaller Harken wire block (300) will do the job.  I don’t know how long the wire is offhand. You want to end up with the fiddle block just about right at the wire block when sailing upwind in light air to give you maximum throw.  Actually right now on my boat right I’m using 1/8” Spectron. You can just tie bowline knots at the ends right around thimbles.

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