Year in Review: Top 5 Videos of 2020

2020 has been quite a year. What better way to get excited for what 2021 has in store by taking a look back at our favorite videos from this year. For more information and more videos, you can visit our Resources & Expertise page to search through the archives.

1. Race To Alaska: Team Sail Like a Girl

Team Sail Like A Girl put their saltwater know-how to the test as they navigated their way through North America's longest human and wind-powered race - the Race to Alaska. 

Race to Alaska with Team Sail Like a Girl

2. In Position: The Bow

Quantum Racing’s Ed Baird, Greg Gendell, and Jared Henderson talk all things pointy-end. This video is full of tips and insight from the team up front. Get your stoke on with more high-energy racing —> Check out In Position from our YouTube collection. 

In Position: The Bow

3. System Sailing: Mark and Measure

In this video from our insightful System Sailing Series, Wally Cross carefully details the procedure for making repeatable marks and measurements for tuning your racing sailboat. More of the System Sailing Series can be found here. 

System Sailing: Mark and Measure

4. American Magic & Quantum Sails

American Magic Executive Director and Skipper Terry Hutchinson discusses the application of iQ Technology, the passion and mission ahead for American Magic, and how these sail advancements will benefit every sailor. 

American Magic & Quantum Sails

5. Shooting The Breeze

Cameron Appleton and Federico Michetti talk career, Quantum Racing, and a continued learning curve within competitive sailing. Enjoy the conversation and more in the Shooting The Breeze Series

Shooting the Breeze with Cameron Appleton & Federico Michetti

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