Year in Review: Top 5 Articles of 2021

Take a look back at our favorite articles from 2021. For more information and more articles, you can visit our Resources & Expertise page to search through the archives.

1. Calling All Cruisers

2021 was the year of the cruiser, and we predict 2022 will follow suit. Get on top of your cruising game with our mainsail and headsail trim guides. Our trim guides for cruisers include setup recommendations for halyard tension, lead positions, sheet tension, and more. Be sure to read through the guide to help with on-the-water trim and setup troubleshooting in 2022.

Trim Guides for Cruisers: Mainsail & Headsail


We teamed up with Melges and the experts at Quantum Sails Zenda to answer commonly asked questions and debunk sail care and sail performance myths. Get down and dirty with all the facts about how sails age and how to trim your sails for performance over time.

Ask a Sailmaker: As a sail wears out, are the sail controls still effective?

3. Three Modes of Sailing

Quantum Detroit's Wally Cross takes a deep dive into upwind and downwind modes using the J/111 as a model. Perfect winter reading, this article will help you reflect on your wins, focus on areas for improvement, and motivate you to set new goals for 2022. It's never too early to start thinking about dialing in your race program for the coming season!

Three Modes Upwind

Three Modes Downwind

4. Sail Care

We saw many seriously damaged sails on our loft floors this year. Yet sails with the most damage are also often sails with preventable damage. Want to make sure your sail doesn't turn into a sail horror this year? Learn how to keep your sails in the best condition possible.

Heed the Warning: Sail Horrors from the Loft Floor


Want to make your sail handling easier? Explore the many sail furling options, and discover which one is best for your type of sailing.

To Furl or Not to Furl? Handling Downwind Sails

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