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Regatta Support for Socially Distant Events

As we adjust to the new normal, race organizers are going to great lengths to create safe environments for regattas to take place. This may include limitations on crew, fewer race committee officials, forgoing on-shore social activities, enforcing social distancing, mandating face masks, and paramount emphasis on the safety of everyone involved. The 5-P’s (Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance) have never been more relevant to preparing your one design regatta, offshore distance race, local weeknight competition, or championship level event. Keeping safety front of mind, we have devised a plan to help you prepare for an upcoming event.

Communication is key

Before the event, reach out to your Quantum expert and establish a line of communication utilizing the technology you are most comfortable with. Video conferencing with FaceTime, Zoom Meeting, Google Hangouts/Meet, Skype, WhatsApp, or sending emails, text messages, or good old fashioned phone calls are all options these days! If you’re not sure who the best expert is for you and your sailing, we’ve made a short list with some recommendations below. Prepare questions you’d like to discuss on your pre-event conference call with members of your team and a Quantum expert. Get the support and answers now, before race day, to make the most of the resources available and set yourself up for success when you head out on the water. 

Another great way to prepare for an event is to organize a Google Meeting with multiple skippers to review sail setup or regatta strategy. You can also create a plan for tuning up in the mornings before racing or create a practice plan if you’re headed down a day or two early!

Need help with boat set-up to keep you powered up on the racecourse? Contact one of our experts or check the website for one-design tuning guides. Already have rig tune information but looking for some help making sense of it? Snap a photo of your WetNotes with rig tune information and shoot an email to your Quantum representative with your System Sailing data log. 

Pre-regatta Virtual Strategy Session 

Schedule your personal call well ahead of the event with a Quantum expert. Need a refresher on the ideal wind ranges for the J1, J2, J3, or when to switch from the A1.5 to the A2 or A3? If you’re racing IRC/ORC/PHRF or other local handicap racing, our Quantum team can review updated sail charts with targets, downwind angles, and evaluate the crossover conditions and wind ranges for your complete sail inventory. 

Sail check

While many of these are reminders for every sailor onboard, our experts are automatically tuned in to check these when they step aboard pre-race. Beyond just a visual once-over, our experts make note of when to install the heavy air battens, identify worn stick-on spreader patches, check your mainsail clew strap, confirming that headsail clew rings or soft-loops are in good shape, double checking your spinnaker dousing lines are sorted, and furling lines won’t foul.They can also perform a post-event evaluation of sails and identify any service, recuts, or repair needs and schedule a contactless sail pick-up or drop-off. 

Weather briefing

Utilize weather forecasting to help you and your Quantum expert decide on a sail strategy that best suits the upcoming race. Remember to download or update your favorite weather Apps to your smartphone and bookmark any governmental or weather buoy data sites for your specific sailing region. Looking for advanced weather planning, need help with mid/long-range GFS models or GRIB files? Our experts can assist with weather routing software Expedition and PredictWind to help maximize your experience. 

Onsite video tuning help

Review rig tune, tuning guides, new methods, and best practices to start off on the right foot. It may be possible to walk through the process with your Quantum expert well ahead of the event while you are at the boat. Photograph your deck marks and measurement grids to show everything from halyard hoists to runner positions. 

* Pro Tip : Remember to bring a small tripod for your phone and bluetooth earbuds if you’ve scheduled a video call while you’re at the boat park.

Performance Analysis and Debrief

Coordinate with our experts to download and review the onboard tracking and detailed boat metrics from your “smart” navigation electronics. This valuable information can be analyzed by our team and help you understand when and where to make the right adjustments.  

Study the footage

Aim your GoPro or other digital camera forward from the aft stern rail or helm station to show the sail plan, crew maneuvers, and instruments in frame. Together, we can zoom in to observe boat speed, heading, heel, TWA, or other relevant data up close and further analyze crew positions, weight placement, trimming and maneuvers.

Pre-event and post-event webcasts

Watch for pre- and post-event webcasts from event organizers or one design class management where they discuss racecourse locations, weather trends, or tide/current/depth information. Gather your team and invite them to the video session where everyone can participate and learn from the webcast.  

System Sailing

Quantum expert Wally Cross outlined System Sailing to give you the necessary steps and procedures to build a comprehensive strategy to prepare your boat for peak performance. Download System Sailing booklets, fill out the data and send it to your Quantum rep for remote discussion. Watch the YouTube series for how-to’s and in-depth details.


Quantum Experts by Specialty and/or Region

Click on a name to email them, or use our loft finder to get more informatin about each respective loft, inculding phone numbers and location. 

One Design 

Scott Nixon: Melges 24, Melges 20
Travis Odenbach: J/22, J/24, J/70 
Kerry Klingler: J/88, J/80, J/111
George Szabo: Starr, Snipe, Thistle, Lido 14
Andy Burdick & Harry Melges: Melges/Scow classes

Inshore, Offshore, Handicap, and General Racing

New England & Atlantic Coast: Dave Flynn, Andrew Waters, Jason Currie, Cameron Appleton, Carter White, Scott Hines, Doug Stewart, Mark Welsh, Gary Leduc, Steve Thurston, Jim Stubbs, Patrick South, Joe CooperNeal O'Connell, Evan Harrell, Tom Kinney, Clarke McKinney, Scott Nixon, Kerry Klingler

Great Lakes: Wally Cross, Al Declerq, Jason Massaroni, Kris Werner, Doug Burtner, Chad HoughMatt Woodworth, Todd Basch, James Frisinger, Samantha Webster, Eric Tanski, Reed Cleckler, Connor Vliet, Katy Zimmerman, Troy Scharlow, Harry Melges, Andy BurdickTravis Odenbach

South and Gulf Coast: Anson Mulder, Farley Fontenot, Chris Schramel, Juan Mauri, Zane Yoder, Greg Griffin, Matthew Burns

West Coast: Will Paxton, George Szabo, Jeff Thorpe, Sam Heck, Nancy Wheatley, Mark Reynolds, Clark Simensen, Andrew LaPlant, Patrick Whitmarsh, Dan Kaseler

Europe: Sven Krause, David Arnaus, Carlos Rodriguez, Carlo Fracassoli, Gildas Dubois, Adrien de Belloy, Soren Andersen, Rory Maclean, Pietro Pinucci, Vittorio d’Albertas, Fernando Sallent, Antoine Thuillier, Riccardo Zuncheddu, Edin Pilav, Patroklos Tahtatzis, John Tahtatzis, John Reivers, Tom van der Vecht, Jelmer Bouw, Miklos Rauschenberger, Yannick Lemonnier, Antoine Martineau, Yannick Audren, Charlie Valle, Benjamin Biau, Juan Jose Merayo, Marcello D'Agostini, Simone Dondelli, Raffaele Valsecchi, Manlio Pozzoli, Maxim Logutenko

Middle East: Omer Brand, A. Kaan Is, K. Erhan Karaca

Asia: Takaaki Kobayashi, Mikio Tokano

Australia: Ben Fowler, David Eickmeyer, Mike Hutchinson

Caribbean: Kevin Wrigley, Fraito Lugo, Arun Keshap

South America: Jose Adolfo Paradeda, Roberto Paradeda, Alexandre Paradeda, Alejandro Irigoyen

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