Quantum Sails Expands Their Grand Prix and Superyacht Support With New Alaró Loft

The Quantum Sails brand has long been synonymous with quality, innovation, and, above all, service. This fall, the company is building on that tradition with the addition of the new Grand Prix and superyacht headquarters in Alaró, Spain, on the island of Mallorca.

The historic town of Alaró once boasted the title of Spain’s shoemaking and leather works capital, with up to 30 shoe factories operating there at any given time. The tradition was so ingrained in the town’s culture, as the story goes, that everyone had a sewing machine in their home. Nestled in the mountains and a short 20-minute drive from the island’s sailing capital of Palma, Alaró and its legacy of craftsmanship caught the attention of two superyacht sailing captains. They recognized the potential of this beautiful mountain village and opened the first sail loft in 1990, focusing on serving the island’s superyacht and Grand Prix sailing culture. Now called Quantum Sails Alaró, the original loft has changed hands but its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship remains.

With a full-service superyacht facility in Central Europe staffed by some of the industry's top sailors, sailmakers, and designers, Quantum Sails Alaró is uniquely positioned to provide high-quality sails, service, and support to sailors throughout the Mediterranean region. The newly remodeled loft hosts an impressive 800m2 floorspace for manufacturing, finishing, and repairing sails of any size. An additional 500m2 of patio space for cleaning sails and 700m2 of storage makes it a truly well-equipped loft. From new sails and repairs to design and manufacturing, the loft meets the needs of any sailor at any point in their journey.

“We have always focused on providing the best-performing products in sailing,” says Quantum Sails President Ed Reynolds. “We’re equally relentless about delivering a higher standard of service, customer care, education, support, and mentorship. Growing our global network and expanding our capacities with lofts like Alaró delivers on our promise to help sailors at all levels pursue their passion and achieve their aspirations.”

Quantum Sails Alaró is also a hub for innovation and design, a place for boat owners, captains, and sailors to collaborate with sail designers and sailmakers on solutions for their unique challenges. While Quantum Sails offers a full range of products for boats of every size, this loft will also specialize in the needs of Grand Prix and superyacht programs. Quantum’s product catalog includes classic woven options, tri-radial layouts, and Fusion M membrane sails, designed with proprietary iQ Technology®.

Alaró’s core team comprises Quantum’s top Grand Prix and superyacht experts, including sail production and service manager Martin Winter, superyacht expert Antoine Thuillier, and office manager Maëla Le Crom.

Martin Winter is a sailmaker by trade and has spent the last 20 years perfecting his craft. Originally from New Zealand, Winter has been involved with numerous programs over the years, including TP52 and America’s Cup programs. "My favorite part of being on the Quantum team is that we're always developing, always looking for something extra," says Martin. "We work to a high standard and keep improving with every project."

Antoine Thuillier’s passion for sailing and helping to create an exceptional experience, combined with his authentic character have made him one of the most respected superyacht experts in Europe. "The pursuit of perfecting a sail was a beautiful way to express myself," says Thuillier. "Lighter fabric, better shape, so many aspects to create and improve upon. I am proud to offer all my customers the expertise, right product, and support of a worldwide team leading many areas of the high-performance market. I enjoy merging my intimate knowledge of big boats and design technology with the rest of the team to create superior products." Thuillier has run point on sail projects for Perinis and Wallys, to name a few, and has serviced the biggest European shipyards and marinas. Thuillier is also an active competitor on big boats as a sailmaker and professional crew member.

Maëla Le Crom is the key to the successful operation of the loft and managing the complexities that come with Grand Prix and superyacht projects. With over eight years of experience managing sail lofts, she brings a unique expertise to the equation. “The Quantum team here and abroad have long provided sailors with the best experience and best products.” says Le Crom. “We are positioned to help customers find the right solutions and support them with technical expertise and service to ensure they are getting what they want out of their experience on the water.”

The new Quantum Sails Alaró is part of Quantum’s worldwide network of lofts, meaning every customer benefits from the network’s collective expertise, knowledge, and resources. Quantum is dedicated to delivering a personalized experience to help every customer meet their sailing challenges. The team at Quantum looks forward to serving you, whether at our new Alaró loft or one of our other 70 lofts throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Quantum Sails Alaró is located at Avinguda de la Constitucio 71, 07340 Alaró, Illes Balears and open Monday through Friday, 8:00-17:00. While it specializes in Grand Prix and superyacht sails, the loft is open to serve boats of all sizes and needs throughout Mallorca, the Mediterranean, and Europe. Don’t hesitate to visit, even if only to tour the facility and talk about sailing.

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