Tips from Davis Island - Quantum J/70 Winter Series 2017-2018

The Quantum J/70 Winter Series is one of the favorite events of the off season. Quantum's Travis Odenbach and Kris Werner share some tips and tricks they learned from the first two events of this year's series.

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The pair break down three key areas of focus and talk through what they saw and how to improve, including fleet management, team communication, and downwind sailing.

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Part 1: Fleet Management

Large fleets present unique challenges even for those who are used to them. Travis and Kris discuss strategies for managing the fleet and staying in clean air. Time stamp: 0:00:48 sec

Part 2: Team Communication

This is a struggle every team faces, especially when conditions are difficult. Travis shares his rule of thumb for boat communication and the two of them discuss how to continually improve. Time stamp: 0:11:00 min

Part 3: Downwind Sailing

There are always new approaches and techniques showing up in the class for downwind sailing. The duo cover some of them (including wing-on-wing) and discuss how to approach these legs of the race. Time stamp: 0:24:00 min



Following the second event of the 2017-2018 series, Travis and Kris discuss how to manage uncommon weather conditions, sailing with new crew on the boat, and the role of the bowperson.

If you'd like to just view a specific section, fast forward to the corresponding time stamp listed below.

Part 1: Uncommon Conditions

Most locations are known for a unique set of sailing conditions; however, Mother Nature has a habit of throwing curve balls. Kris and Travis recommend how to react when the morning forecast is not what you expected. Time stamp: 0:00:50 sec

Part 2: New Crew

For a number of reasons, it's rare to always have the same crew. The duo cover some ways to integrate the new guy or gal into the group for a positive team dynamic and successful regatta. Time stamp: 0:12:09 min

Part 3: The Role of Bowperson

There is a lot the bowperson can do on the boat to help the team. As drivers ourselves, here's how Travis and Kris like to use their bowperson above and beyond spinnaker sets and douses.  Time stamp: 0:22:36 min

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