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If You’re Not Following Boris Herrmann, You Should Be

Here at Quantum, our team has our eyes glued on Boris Herrmann and his campaign aboard Malizia II for the 2020 single-handed, non-stop round-the-world Vendée Globe race. Yes, the boat is impressive–a first generation IMOCA 60 with hydro foils, a 29m mast, and at 18.28m in length it is simply one of the fastest racing monohulls in existence today–but what has really captured our attention is Boris himself. Boris embodies the challenger mentality both on and off the water and is, simply put, an all-around bad-ass.

Malizia II In Action - The Quantum-powered IMOCA 60 with hydro foils.

Sailing under the Yacht Club de Monaco burgee and with the backing of the Prince Albert II de Monaco Foundation, Team Malizia (made up of Boris and boat owner Pierre Casiraghi) has taken on the battle to save our oceans and environment by promoting ocean science, protection and education around the world. They’re doing this not only by involving and inspiring the next generation of sailors, but also by assisting in vital research. A special sensor has been designed and installed on Malizia II that will allow scientists to monitor CO2 levels, temperature, salinity and pressure in hard-to-reach locations all over the world. This data will be available to teams worldwide to help find solutions to the deterioration of the oceans caused by global warming, pollution, plastic, and overfishing to name a few. Additionally, Team Malizia is using these partnerships as a platform to help educate children and empower them with the knowledge and drive to help make a change.

Challenge Accepted - Boris Herrmann (left) poses with his co-skipper Will Harris on Malizia II during sail testing.

As part of this mission, Boris and Team Malizia will deliver the rockstar environmental activist Greta Thunberg to the UN Climate Action Summit in New York City following the 2019 Fastnet race in the UK. The Swedish teen does not fly due to the horrendous impact flying has on the environment. So when Greta was invited to join the summit, Team Malizia raised their hand to get her to the summit emissions-free.

You can learn more about Team Malizia and their Ocean Challenge, as well as their campaign to the 2020 Vendée Globe race on their website and on their Facebook page.

Quantum Sails is proud to
 support Boris in his challenge. 

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