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Nautical or Nice? Whichever list your crew are on this holiday season, there's no denying that good crew make for great experiences. Whether you're searching for a gift for your cruising partner or racing team, surprise them with something unique that shows your appreciation. We've put together some gift ideas that will surely show your thanks while giving a nod to their love of sailing.


You’ve heard of this idea before but that doesn’t mean it is any less appreciated by your crew. And it isn’t just for pro teams! Be it a hat or a t-shirt, crew gear makes the people you invite to sail with you feel as though they are part of your team, program, and sailing family. Crew gear is something they can wear proudly while sailing with you or just in their everyday life. Every time they don the crew gear, they will think of the memories you’ve made together on the water. If you don’t want to customize your own, we have lots of gear options in the Quantum Gear and Apparel store that your crew will love. 


Looking for a way to go green this year? Gift your crew refillable water bottles and a refillable bladder to cut back on single-use plastic waste. We’ve got great water bottle options on the Quantum store. Couple this with a boat friendly cooler to keep all your beverages and snacks cold. Insulated cooler bags seem to be a favorite among sailors, since they are easy to stow and carry on and off the boat. 


Every crew needs music to jam to on the water. What better way to ensure there will be good music when you all climb aboard the boat this season than by gifting your crew a waterproof speaker. There are many options for waterproof speakers ranging in size and price. Small speakers that clip on or mount to something while the boat is underway work well.


There is nothing better than spending time with your sailing friends and family. A crew dinner is a great way to get the whole gang together and exchange stories about all the fun you’ve had on the boat this season. For those of us who live where the lakes freeze over, it’s a great way to make sure we continue to see each other, even when we can’t be on the water. If you are lucky enough to sail year round, a group dinner can still be a nice break from the normal boat routine.


You may recognize this item from our Gifts for Your Skipper article, and that is because it is an important item for any sailor. Crews should have their own life jackets with them when they go sailing so that the boat owner doesn’t have to worry about bringing enough for everyone. Giving your sailor a lifejacket is like giving them a ticket to ride on just about any boat, at any time, and in any place. All you really need to hop on a sailboat is a life jacket, good attitude, and willingness to learn! This Spinlock life jacket is one of our favorites.


Maybe one of the sails tore this season while you were all on the water, and it is beyond repair. You can use the old sailcloth to make bags for your crew. Not only are they functional, but sailcloth bags are unique and stylish. If the bag is made from your old sails it is even more personal and memorable as there is probably a story to go with the torn sail. There are plenty of places that make these sail canvas bags, so check the web for places near you. We send a lot of used sails to Sea Bags, and they make great stuff!


Are you and your crew taking a cruising adventure to a new destination this year? Gift your crew maps, books, and other guides to learn more about where you will be sailing. This is a great way to better prepare for your trip and also to build excitement as you look forward to the journey. If you’re a racer, buy your crew a rule book. It is important that everyone on the boat has a basic understanding of the rules, and with a rule book in hand, there is no excuse not to learn them! A nice addition to either gift is a set of wet notes. With wet notes you can record your learnings and adventures to reference later. Contact U.S. Sailing to purchase The Racing Rules of Sailing.


Although this idea is similar to the team dinner, you can get creative with this one. The key here is to bring everyone together for a fun activity when you can’t hop on the boat and sail together. Organize a group hike, laser tag, bowling, make dinner together, or go to a concert. A fan favorite in areas with snow is to organize a day trip to your local ski hill. Making new memories and spending time with sailing friends is a gift that everyone can enjoy.


Yes, many people don’t like giving gift cards. However, gear can get expensive, and a gift card allows your crew some flexibility to get something they may need for sailing. Sailing gloves are a great example. Depending how frequently you sail, you can burn through gloves pretty quickly, and everyone has a different kind they like to use. Find out what your crew’s favorite marine supply, gear, or apparel brands are, and contact the stores for their gift card options. Shop our Quantum gift card options or contact your local loft to help you get what you need for your sailor.

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