Another Sailmaker on the Block - Quantum Sails support the Cape 31 Class

With more boats arriving and the season about to kick off, the team at Cape 31 UK are proud to announce our newest partner - Quantum Sails. Quantum has been designing behind the scenes and working hard in the loft to have sails ready for the Quantum boats joining the fleet. Cape 31 UK are looking forward to having a mix of sailmakers within the class pushing design and development. We are grateful that Quantum has come on as a Title Class Partner - supporting the class and working with us to take the class forward.

Rory Maclean at Quantum Sails UK said, "We have been hugely impressed at the job the guys have done in building such a strong class in such a short period of time. When I say strong, we mean in terms of the number of boats, but also the standard of sailors within the class. The racing is going to be so tight. We have a few boats with Quantum sails in the fleet and we are going to be working as hard as we can to help them develop and get these boats going as fast as possible as quickly as we can."

With a few of the new boats opting for Quantum Sails we look forward to seeing the sailmakers pushing each other to get the best out of the Cape 31's. "Quantum are very much here to support the class as a whole and will be providing our services and regatta support throughout the season from our base right here in Hamble. We can’t wait to get going!"

Contact Rory Maclean to learn more about the Cape 31 Class or to order Quantum sails.

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