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2021 One-Design Class Rewind, Recap, and Review

2021 was a fantastic year for Quantum Sails one-design across many classes. And with 2022 underway, we couldn’t be more excited to continue growing and supporting one-design sailors and classes around the globe. Our experts offer a 2021 recap and share updates on what’s happening in 2022.

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Melges 15

The Melges 15 exploded onto the 2021 sailing scene and received the coveted Sailing World’s Boat of the Year award. With over 200 boats delivered to date and another 200 on order, Quantum is looking forward to supporting this growing class. From sponsoring a successful winter series with Quantum and Melges experts at every event to hosting practice days and helping with personal tuning, we are thrilled that the Melges 15 continues to be a strong class and one we’re proud to support.

E Scow

E Scow expert Harry Melges III delivered new sail designs this year that led top boats to the National Championship and a coveted Inland Championship win. Through sailor support, clinics, and a dedicated group of sailors, Quantum Sails continues to dominate the podium in the E Scow Class championships and regional regattas.

MC Scow

The MC Scow Class continues to grow, and Quantum also continues to deliver unwavering support for the influx of MC Scow sailors and regattas. The majority of boats delivered are outfitted with the new Powerzone and Speed mainsails, and they’re leading MC Scow sailors to many podiums, including the top spot at the 2021 National Championship. Quantum Sails Zenda will deliver over 250 new sails for the MC Scow Class this coming season, and the Quantum Sails Triple Crown Winter Series in Lake Eustis will be another can’t-miss event.

Heading to an upcoming Scow regatta or looking to get more information on the Melges and Scow Classes from Quantum Sails? Please contact Andy Burdick, Eddie Cox, or Quantum Sails Zenda.


We’ve seen fantastic J/22 participation from both local and traveling teams across Midwinters, East Coast Championships, and other major regattas, including a challenging 2021 Worlds in Corpus Christi with its variety of conditions. Quantum continues to support the J/22 Class with fast, durable sails, and tuning expertise; our updated design of a loose-footed J/22 mainsail has been well received for its ease of trim and performance. If you’re updating your club’s inventory or planning some serious sailing in the Southwest Circuit, making mid-Atlantic regatta plans, getting your weeknight racing fix, or match racing, reach out to Quantum Sails J/22 experts Travis Odenbach and Alan Woodyard.


2020 was a year of few regattas, so we were happy to see the J/24 Class come back strong in 2021. This is one of those classes where participants are having a blast sailing at every level, and doing it with their friends. The class also has one of the most positive and fun cultures of all the one-design classes, and it’s been awesome to see that culture not only survive through the pandemic, but also thrive once again. Quantum customers had some great results at the East Coast Championship and other major events in 2021, and now we’re looking forward to Worlds in Corpus Christi in 2022 and more top-notch sailing and awesome energy. If you have any questions on setup, rig tune, sails, or competing in the J/24 Class, get in touch with class experts Travis Odenbach and Carter White.


The results speak for themselves in the J/88 Class: In 2021, Quantum’s sails dominated the podium across all major regattas and venues. With Quantum’s J/88 Class experts supporting them all the way, our customers took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the 2021 J/88 North American Championship, the Chicago NOOD regatta, and the Chicago Verve Cup, and those results are just a few of the class highlights from last year. For more information on dialing in your J/88 program, contact class expert Kris Werner.


Quantum continues to hone top designs and build on a strong presence in this competitive class. Quantum’s sails powered 2021 US Masters Champions Alex and Lexi Pline and other top sailors in most major North American regattas. Quantum was also a proud sponsor of the 2021 US National Championship.

Quantum Sails’ Carter Cameron leads the charge and brings fresh insight to the Snipe Class. Awarded Top U30 sailor at the 2021 Snipe North American Championship, Cameron’s enthusiasm and experience is encouraging other post-collegiate sailors to participate in this class.

Some 2022 schedule highlights include Don-Q in Miami in April, Colonial Cup in Annapolis in June, US Nationals in San Diego in July, and Snipe Worlds in Cascais in August. If you’re heading to a major event this season, interested in getting started in the Snipe Class, or looking to get your rig tune dialed in, contact Snipe experts George Szabo and Carter Cameron.


The Star Class had several highlights in 2021, but the most notable was Eric Lidecis and Greg Smith’s win at the Star North American Championship. These two amateur sailors put it to the pros! With that win and others in Miami, Quantum continues to prove that our 50 mainsail and P-16 jib are super-fast in light conditions in both the West and East Coast events. The introduction of the flatter 57 mainsail, designed for medium air and Miami-like conditions, has shown phenomenal results for our customers. With some tuning changes, we’ve been able to keep the 57 sail fast enough to win light air regattas as well. As we get ready for the 2022 Star World Championship in Marblehead, MA, we look forward to seeing more top results from the P-17 medium air and choppy water jib. George Szabo leads Quantum Sails’ representation and support for the Star Class.

Great strides are being made by Quantum customers at the Bacardi Winter Series and Southernmost regatta in the Melges 24 and J/70 classes. Quantum customers had great results at the Melges 20 Worlds in December of 2021 as well. We’re excited to see what another year of competition, collaboration, and feedback can help us accomplish in all of these classes. Stay tuned for more updates on the above classes and more as we head further into the winter sailing season.

Old sails worn out and need replacing? Setting a goal to win your local series? Starting a new campaign? Contact your one-design class expert or request a quote now.

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