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10 Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas For Sailors

Gift-giving can be a challenge, and, at Quantum, we love a good challenge. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered with a list of our team’s 10 favorite out-of-the-box gift ideas for the sailors in your life.

1. Sail Graphics

Sail graphics are a great way to add some flair to any sailor’s boat. Whether it’s a cool graphic to go with the boat name or the team’s logo, custom graphics are a lot cheaper and easier to give than most people think. Click here to get the down-low on different graphic options. If you’re gifting a graphic this season, ask us for a card and graphic mock-up that your sailor can unwrap. Reach out to your local loft or representative to get started.

2. Battle Flag

There’s nothing quite like raising your team name and logo up the back stay before a big regatta or hoisting your colors to announce your presence at a cruising rendezvous. Battle flags are also a great way to identify your boat in the marina. We can make custom flags in any size with any logo, name, or design. Contact your local loft for more information on custom orders or shop Quantum battle flags here.

3. Onboard Consultation

Whether cruiser or racer, there are tweaks your sailor can make to enhance their sailing experience. From rig tune to trimming advice, our sail consultants can make sure your sailor hits the water set for success. The right setup and proper operation doesn’t just increase speed, it also improves boat handling and efficiency. Click here to find your local loft and call to schedule an hour with one of our sail consultants. 

4. Gift Card

Sail service? Sail inspection? Making a contribution to a new sail? Use one of our gift cards to give your sailor a gift you can’t hand deliver. A gift card can also be used for Precision Recuts, repairs, or any of our service team’s offerings. Shop our Quantum gift card options or contact your local loft to help you get what you need for your sailor.

5. Onboard Sail Repair Kit

A comprehensive sail repair kit is as important as a good first aid kit – especially if you’re offshore. Click here for a checklist of the essential items in an offshore repair kit. Talk with any of our service teams to help customize and stock the perfect repair kit for your sailor.

6. The Perfect Hat

Every sailor needs protection from the sun, and why not do it in style with one of our eye-catching Quantum hats. We’ve got your favorites and some new designs to shop, including new trucker hats and a beanie (a must-have for frostbite season). Find the right hat for your sailor, and keep them looking good and sailing fast all year.

7. Personalized Sail Cover

Sailpacks and horse blanket style boom covers are the most common solutions to keep your sailor’s mainsail protected from the elements, but they don’t have to be bland. Work with the Quantum canvas team at your local loft to create the best solution for your sailor, and customize it with a graphic or the boat’s name. 

8. Quantum Backpacks, Sun Shields, and Accessories

The Quantum apparel and gear store hosts a number of great gifts. We also have plenty of accessories to Q-up your favorite sailor this year. Does your young sailor need a new bag for school? We’ve got several styles of backpacks to rock down the halls in the new year. Hoping to keep your cruiser safe from the sun? Browse our sun shields replete with fun designs. Whatever you need, be sure to check out the Quantum Store this season.

9. Quantum VSPARS Sail Scan

Data is key in racing, especially if your sailor is looking to take their program to the next level. Quantum’s Sail Scan powered by VSPARS is a great tool to help understand the shape of your sails and help your team improve trim and shape. Simply import a picture of a sail to get digital flying shapes for analysis.

10. Opti Sail

This is a perfect gift for the aspiring sailor on your list. Even the youngest sailors deserve the best equipment. Quantum’s Optimist sails are designed by Fernando Sallent, the creator of our Olympic gold medal-winning sails.

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