Restore sail shape with a precision sail recut

Sail shape is critical to delivering optimum upwind sail performance and reducing heel and weather helm. Optimal sail shape aids sailing control, extending a sail's wind range before reefing or furling are necessary or a sail change is required.

Getting More Life From Your Sails

On Grand Prix racing circuits, teams continuously tweak and recut sails to maximize boat speed and sail performance; but recuts are not exclusive to racing sails. Cruisers enjoy all the same benefits with the added advantage of avoiding sail handling problems like roller furler jamming, roller furling jib problems and furling mainsail problems.

A Precision Recut gives new life to older sails or sails that are too full ("baggy sails") by restoring them to about 90% of their original shape. With fabric in good condition, reshaping can generally be done once or twice during the life of a sail.

Quantum's Precision Recuts are an affordable option for owners looking for an alternative to sail replacement. Precision Recuts will extend the lifespan of your sails and deliver the performance characteristics of newer sails. There are several other ways to extend the life of your sails and maintain sail peformance. Check out these top ten tips from our professional sailmakers.


When is the Right Time for a Precision Recut?

If you are experiencing any of these common performance issues associated with older or heavily used sails, chances are good the sail is a candidate for reshaping.

  • The sail has become very full with a deep draft; the boat won't point very high.
  • The boat is hard to steer because of reduced entry.
  • The sail isn’t delivering power because the leech falls away.

Get a Free Sail Shape Analysis

If you are experiencing any of these problems, contact Quantum Sails to discuss your situation; sometimes the underlying issue is not sail shape. If it sounds like a recut is a potential solution, we will perform a free sail shape analysis and provide you with the results and an estimate—all at no charge. The analysis requires an on-the-boat photo of the flying sail, which you can do yourself quite easily.

Call us today to discuss your sail concerns and to receive our simple photo instructions and free sail shape analysis.

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