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About Quantum Sails Brisbane

It’s one thing to make exceptional sails, but at Quantum Sails Brisbane we go even further by making your challenges our own. With superior and personalized customer service, our sail consultants are with you every step of the way as loyal advisors, friends, and fellow sailors.

In our Service Department, we provide a full range of professional sail care and repair services for sails and canvas – from simple repairs to precise sail re-cuts. The first step for any project is an understanding of your needs and an evaluation in order to provide you with an accurate, up-front estimate of time and cost.

Sailmakers Ben Kelly and Jimmy Chilman are keen sailors who understand your needs. Drop by the loft for any service or repair work you require, or check out some of the new sail and boat cover options available.

Services Include

  • New Sails
  • Boom Covers
  • Boat Covers
  • Boom Tents
  • UV Strips
  • Sail Service, Repairs, and Re-cuts

Meet Your Quantum Team

Quantum Sails Brisbane is a well-established sail loft with the ability to complete sails or service work for boats of any size and type. Established in 2004 as Horizon Sails Queensland, we’ve been part of the Quantum Sails team since 2012. With Quantum, we have direct and transparent access to sail design and construction techniques developed and proven worldwide by some of the industry’s top designers. Quantum’s Fusion™ membrane products are available for a wide range of boats, so drop by the loft to discuss which options will best suit your needs.

Choose a Team Member

Ben Kelly

Ben Kelly started sailing 20 years ago at the club, state and national levels, enjoying success in various dinghy and skiff classes. Over the years he explored a wide range of boats, but his passion became multihull sailing. A competitive sailor, he was a member of the crew for eight national multihull titles, holds four distance race records, and has won several regattas. The highlight of his sailing career came when he joined the crew of the Orma 60 Trimaran Team Australia, setting a WSSR record from Sydney to Auckland in 2013.

An experienced sailmaker, Ben started his own sailmaking business in 2004 and joined the team at Quantum Australia in 2012. With a passion for sail design and engineering, he enjoys his work with Quantum Sails’ design team, saying “Quantum’s transparency and the combined knowledge base of our group is a fantastic tool for achieving great results for my customers.”

Basic info
  • Nationality: Australia
  • Position: Director of Sales and Design
  • Current Town: Brisbane


Career highlights
  • 2001 Multihull Rendevous Regatta – 1st OMR, Trilogy
  • 2001 Southern Ocean Multihull Regatta – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2001 Victorian Trailerable Multihull Championships – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2001 National Multihull Championships – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2002 Hogsbreath Regatta – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2002/2005 Australian Trailerable Multihull Championships – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2002 Lock Crowther Memorial Regatta – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2002 Australian Multihull Offshore Championships – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2003-2009, 2011 Airlie Beach Race Week – 1st OMR, Trilogy
  • 2003-04, 2006, 2008-09, 2011 Multihull OMR National Titles – 1st OMR,
  • Trilogy
  • 2003 Queensland Multihull Championships – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2003 Bay to Bay Race – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2004/2009 Surf to City Race – 1st, Trilogy
  • 2004 SORC Series Overall Mooloolaba -1st, Trilogy
  • 2004-2006 St. Helena Cup – 1st OMR, Trilogy
  • 2005-2006 Gilligan's Island Ocean Race – 1st OMR, Trilogy
  • 2007 Multihull OMR National & State Titles - 2nd OMR, Trilogy
  • 2007 Kingfisher Day/Night series – 1st OMR, Trilogy
  • 2008 Three Peaks Race – 2nd, XS
  • 2008 Sydney to Hobart – 2nd IRC Division 4, Spirit of Koomooloo
  • 2009 Bay to Bay – 1st, Mad Max
  • 2009-2010 Lock Crowther – 1st OMR & PHF, Indian Chief
  • 2009 IRC State Titles – 1st IRC, Spirit of Koomooloo
  • 2010 Multihull OMR Nationals –1st, Trimaran Voodoo Spirit
  • 2010 Bay to Bay – 1st OMR, AYS Raider
  • 2010 Qld Multihull State Titles – 1st, Trimaran Moving Finger
  • 2010 New Zealand Classic Yacht Series – 1st, Wraith Of Odin
  • 2012 Oceanbridge Auckland Anniversary Regatta Race – 1st, Wraith of Odin
  • 2011 Bay to Bay – 1st line honours, Mad Max
  • 2012 Multihull OMR National Title – 2nd, Mad Max
  • 2012-2014 Lock Crowther Regatta – 2nd OMR, Indian Chief
  • 2013 Sydney to Auckland – World Record Passage, ORMA 60 Team Australia
  • 2013 Lincoln Week – 1st OMR, Wilparina 2
  • 2014 Sydney to Mooloolaba Race – 1st OMR, ORMA 60 Team Australia
  • 2014 Bay to Bay Race -1st Line Honours, Handicap, and OMR, Mad Max 2014 Pittwater to Coffs Race – 3rd, Indian Chief
  • 2014 Wangi Regatta – 1st OMR, Carbon Credits (helmsman)
  • 2015 King of the Gulf – 2nd OMR, Carbon Credits
  • 2015 Hamilton Island Race Week ¬– 1st Line Honours, Mad Max
  • 2015 Surf to City Yacht Race – 2nd Line Honours, Turning Point
Jimmy Chilman

Jimmy Chilman

Jimmy Chilman started his career as a sailing instructor and deck hand in Darwin before moving to Brisbane in early 2006 to make sails at a local loft. In 2012, he joined Quantum Sails as the Service and Loft Manager at Quantum Brisbane.

An active racer, Jimmy started sailing F18 and A class catamarans when he moved to Brisbane. Since then, he’s also started sailing inshore and offshore yachts and is an active member of the Brisbane Etchells fleet, sailing as both crew and skipper since 2007. His racing experiences include the Sydney-to-Hobart race and winning the Australian IRC Championships on board Rod Jones Archumbault A40RC Algeria.

Basic info
  • Nationality: Australia
  • Position: Service/Loft Manager
  • Current Town: Brisbane
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