The best sails backed by expert consultation and outstanding service.

Cruising sails present a demanding design challenge requiring the most sophisticated solutions. They must be rugged, reliable, and easy to maintain. They must work in all conditions with a minimum of effort. They should put you in control, helping to contain heel and minimize helm. Above all, they should help you sail your boat with ease so you are free to enjoy the sheer pleasure of the sport.


To accomplish this, Quantum builds the very best sails possible with every detail of the design and construction process executed to the highest standard. More than a thousand pages in Quantum's Guidelines for Construction ensure consistency and quality in every aspect of sail assembly so you can be assured of unparalleled sail performance, satisfaction and pride of ownership.


Just as important is the high level of expertise and support provided by Quantum's team of sailing pros. Ultimately, we provide the cruising sailor something no other sail maker does: the same level of attention, technology, engineering expertise, and service, which most sail makers provide only to their racing clients. We call it the Quantum® Experience and it includes the following:


Expert Consultation - To guide you through choices of materials, hardware, sizing, etc.


Detailed, On-board Measurement - To ensure a perfect, custom fit.


Collaboration - Your involvement throughout the process, so you know what you are getting and why.


Sail Installation and Instruction - To fit, fine-tune, and instruct you in use and care.


Warranty - Simply the best in the business, backed by sailing and service experts located around the globe.


Long-Term Service - Professional, certified technicians at more than 50 locations to care for your sails and help you get the most out of your investment.