Fusion M® features at a glance

  • Proprietary design software integrates 3D modeling, aerodynamic analysis, structural analysis and fiber mapping to determine optimal sail flying shape and fiber layout.

  • Smart fiber mapping provides more fiber in more directions for greater strength and optimal shaping.

  • Dense fiber maps with highest quality Carbon and Aramid fibers provide highest level of durability and shape holding and no belly button.

  • Two-step lamination process uses vacuum bagging, infrared heat and six to eight tons of pressure to thermo-set the adhesives and produce a membrane four to five times stronger than other laminates using thermal-molding techniques.

  • Built to the most rigorous quality standards and backed by the best warranty and service in the industry.

  • On-the-water sail validation testing by World Champion Quantum Racing provides essential feedback for continuous improvement in sail design, manufacturing and sail performance.



Strength, durability and performance all in one package for the discerning cruiser.

What Makes Fusion M® Membrane Sails So Great?
Quantum is the first sail maker to offer a complete range of composite sails with membrane construction specifically for cruising sailors. Quantum's Fusion® M sails are developed using the most technically advanced design, lamination, and shaping methods in the industry—a proprietary and integrated process known as iQ Technology®. Fusion M® cruising sails are fast, easy to handle, efficient, and capable of taking you across the bay or around the world.

More Fiber in More Directions
Fusion M® sails are engineered as full-size membranes and designed with a fully-integrated, custom, fiber network that addresses sail loading equally in all directions rather than along primary load paths only. This fiber map is developed using highly sophisticated finite element analysis (FEA), which recognizes the ever-changing nature of sail loads and the need for adaptability. The resulting fiber network is complex and very dense, creating a structural system that supports the entire sail because there is consistent stretch in all directions (referred to as "isotropic"). The Fusion M® isotropic fiber matrix prevents any one part of the sail from becoming overloaded or distorted. The net result is a sail shape that lasts longer and is easy to trim through a wide range of conditions because it changes evenly and uniformly.


Superior Lamination
Our two-step lamination process uses vacuum bagging to lock fibers in place between film layers. Infrared heat is then applied with six-to-eight tons of pressure (12,000psi – 16,000psi) to thermo-set the adhesives and produce a membrane four to five times stronger than other laminates. Films are coated with UV inhibitors to insure protection, longevity and performance.


Post-cured Shaping
Unlike single-step lamination and shaping methods used by other sail makers, Quantum's sail panels are completely cured before the shaping process begins. Fully-cured lamination eliminates the effects of shrinkage and guarantees repeatability. Quantum's Fusion M® sails have the best initial shape and the longest shape life of any sail built today, without sacrificing the durability and reliability that is the fundamental performance requirement of a good cruising sail.