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  • Always protect sails from unnecessary exposure to sunlight and heat.
  • Avoid prolonged luffing and flogging (motor with your sails down, unless the sails can be filled).
  • Protect from chafe. Make sure spreader patches are located properly.
  • Use specialized sails in their designed wind range. If you have a question on wind range consult with any Quantum loft.
  • Never back a genoa against a spreader. 
  • Avoid over-tensioning the halyard (too much tension creates a gutter or trough along the leading edge of the sail). Remember to ease the halyard when the apparent wind velocity drops.
  • Flake or roll sails (do not stuff) whenever possible for storage.
  • Store sails dry.
  • Periodically rinse with fresh water. Annual professional washing is recommended.
  • Avoid harsh detergents, solvents, and strong chemicals.
  • Be sure that roller-furling sails are well secured when leaving the boat. Cleat the furling line, take an extra turn of the sheets around the sail, and secure both sheets

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