Quantum Announces Loft Change in New York


 Quantum Sail Design Group announces the closure of the Quantum Long Island Sound loft operated by Peter Sherman. Quantum has terminated its Franchise Agreement with Sherman, an independent business owner who served as a licensed dealer for Quantum Sails. Sherman no longer represents Quantum Sails.


The Long Island Sound area continues to be served by Quantum Norwalk located in South Norwalk, CT and managed by Tom Kinney. For sales and service in the Long Island Sound area, please contact Tom.


Tom “TK” Kinney

Quantum Norwalk

11 Day Street

South Norwalk, CT 06854

Office: 203.854.1616

Email: tk@quantumsails.com


For further information, questions or concerns, please contact:

Bill O’Malley

Quantum Sail Design Group

North American Sales Manager

Office: 410.268.1161

Email: Bomalley@quantumsails.com

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