Sailing the Transpac with Quantum Sails

Organized by the Transpacific Yacht Club, the Transpac is a 2225-mile race from Point Fermin in Los Angeles to Diamond Head, just east of Honolulu, a distance of 2,225-miles. With its first running in 1906, this is among the world’s great ocean races, and biennially attracts the world’s most talented offshore sailors and offshore sailing adventurers. 

Congratulations to all the Quantum customers who took part in this legendary race, many of who turned in top results. Taking first place honors in Division Two with Quantum sails was Meanie, the R/P 52 owned by Thomas Akin, joined by Quantum Pacific’s Jeff Thorpe. In Division Four, Chip Megeath and crew on Criminal Mischief also claimed victory with Quantum sails. 

Sailing his first Transpac was Wally Cross, a sail consultant with Quantum Sails in Detoit and Chicago. Cross was on Bob Pethick’s Bretwalda 3 team, which finished as runner up to Criminal Mischief by a little less than four minutes in corrected time.

“This is a long race!” said Cross. “Maybe too long for me, because I’m used to doing the Mac races (on Michigan’s Great Lakes) which are more of a sprint by comparison. Life on board with seven guys for that long is pretty tough. But it’s a really interesting race, and you work really hard; the weather and navigational strategy are fascinating elements.”

Transpac Honolulu Race 2013

Quantum Top Five Results

Div 2

1st – Meanie, R/P 52, Thomas Akin, with Q Pacific Jeff Thorpe

3rd – Vincitore*, R/P 52, Ricardo Brockmann

Div 4

1st – Criminal Mischief, R/P 45, Chip Megeath

2nd – Bretwalda 3, Rogers 46, Beb Pethick with Q Chicago Wally Cross

4th – Varuna 46*, Rogers 46, Chris Hemans

Div 5

3rd – Pipe Dream, Davidson 50, John Davis


Div 6

2nd – Medusa*, Santa Cruz 52, Jay Spalding

3rd – Bodacious IV*, Santa Cruz 52, Jeff Urbina

* Partial Inventory


Full results:

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