Quantum J/70 Sails Go One-Two at Level Regatta


Quantum’s Kerry Klinger took the win in the J/70s with Marty Kullman on Touch2Play coming in second at the Youngstown Level regatta last weekend giving Quantum sails the lead in the 17-boat fleet. Great conditions in mostly light air gave the fleet eight races with no throw outs. Kerry and his team on Menace showed their consistency across the wind range anywhere between three and eighteen knots of breeze. 

Menace helmed by Quantum's Kerry Klingler. Photo © Tim Wilkes.

Friday's on-the-water training session led by Marty gave several teams an opportunity to work their starts and windward-leeward’s. Marty offers these tips from the weekend:

  1. Clean starts – Often, people think that if the boat end is favored, they need to start right at the boat; or if the pin is favored, to start right at the pin. If you look at Kerry's starts this weekend he never tried to win the ends of the starting line. He would start down from the pack at the favored end. This gave Kerry a higher percentage of getting off the starting line in a clean lane.

  2. Jib in-hauling – The J/70s like to have the jib in-hauled a bit even in the really light air. You can in-haul the jib with the windward sheet, but make sure you do not tighten the top of the sail too much thereby closing the slot between the jib and the backside of the main. This can be tricky because you have to adjust the jib car as you add windward sheet to make sure this does not happen.

Quantum will be at the Buffalo Regatta Aug 9-11. There will be an on-the-water practice with Marty Kullman Friday afternoon again for anyone interested. Come join the fun and debrief on the dock afterward.

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Contact Kerry or Marty with any J/70 questions:

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