Wicked 2.0 Goes 5, 2 in Wednesday’s Variable Conditions


By Tim Greves


Day three of Quantum Key West Race Week on Circle Three was a day of close racing in the J/111's. We had moderate seas averaging about three feet. Winds were steady in the upper teens. The highest we saw on "Wicked 2.0" was 22.2 knots of breeze. 


In the middle of race number one, we saw the wind drop out to about 16 knots, but we noticed a steady build in race two. As the cloud cover cleared out, the breeze freshened as forecasted back into the high teens. During race one, the left side of the course seemed favored although the breeze was tending right, the boats on the right had a hard time getting back with the fleet due to sea conditions. 


Race two we came off the line high then decided to take the middle of the course to cover. The challenge of race two was clearly dealing with the sea conditions up wind.  "Wicked 2.0," owned by Douglas Curtiss, went 5, 2 today. 


Tim Greves

Quantum Bristol



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