St. Francis J/105 series update

Quantum-powered teams sailing in the competitive J/105 Fleet at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco are pulling out all the stops to produce some great results this season. Here’s how things are looking so far….Nice work everyone! Stay tuned for more results!

Spring One Design, March 17-18

1. Blackhawk, Scooter Simmons

2. Donkey Jack, Shannon Ryan

3. Mojo, Jeff Littfin/John Case

4. Wonder, Tom Kennelly

5. Risk, Jason Woodley/Scott Whitney


JFest, April 21-22

1. Mojo, Jeff Littfin/John Case

2. Blackhawk, Scooter Simmons

5. Wonder, Tom Kennelly

Phyllis Kleinman Swiftsure Regatta, May 19-20

1. Blackhawk, Scooter Simmons

3. Risk, Jason Woodley/Scott Whitney

4. Mojo, Jeff Littfin/John Case

2012 Spring Invitational Regatta, June 9-10

1. Blackhawk, Scooter Simmons

2. Godot, Phillip Laby

4. Risk, Jason Woodley/Scott Whitney

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