J/24 Midwinters Results

Quantum Newport's Tim Healy just returned from the 2012 J24 Midwinters where he was tactician for 11th Hour Racing skippered by John Mollicone with Geoff Becker in the cockpit, Colin Leon on mast and Gordy Borges on bow. The team experienced a variety of tough wind conditions throughout the event, but was able to earn a second place finish. The team used Quantum's TH-2 Dacron Main, Technora Tri-Radial Geona and the Full Radial .75oz Spinnaker. When asked what the number one thing they took away from the event, Healy said, “Keeping a flexible game plan, staying active with crew weight and anticipating the set by making sure the spinn is on the deck before reaching the offset mark.”
Top 10 Quantum® sails results:
1. Team Tarhill, Peter Bream
2. 11th Hour Racing, John Mollicone
7. Pegasus, David Marshall
8. Jesus Lizard, Daniel Borrer

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