Quantum’s New J/22 Sails Finish 1-2 at Midwinters


Quantum’s own Terry Flynn and Allan Terhune demonstrated exactly what the new Quantum® J/22 sails can do when they finished first and second at the J/22 Midwinter Championship this past weekend. The light to medium breezes and shifty winds provided three days of fun but challenging racing that ended with Flynn and Terhune well ahead of the competition.

Flynn arrived early at the Jackson Yacht Club, spending two days sailing and coaching the competitors. “We worked mostly on sail trim and boat handling,” he said. “Everyone had a great time and learned a bunch. I also got some great feedback on tuning and what everyone does and why.”

When the rest of the Quantum J/22 team arrived on Thursday, it was time to get to work. Flynn sailed on Tejas with crew Mark Foster and Matt Romberg, while Allan Terhune and fellow Quantum reps Nick Turney and Scott Nixon sailed on Dazzler. The team took their time preparing each morning, as Midwinters were a great testing ground for the new J/22 sails.

“While I have tested the new designs and raced with them, this was the first time we had a lot of them at a regatta, and we wanted to make the most of our time on the water,” said Flynn. “We set up both boats with head stay lengths and shroud tensions before going out. Once out on the water, we verified the speed and height. After we were happy that the boats were going the same, we did some experimenting with shroud tensions, jib car placement, and mainsheet tension. We also took pictures of the sails to compare after the regatta. We did this every morning prior to racing.”

The prep work and attention to detail paid off. Terhune immediately jumped to the head of the 37-boat fleet, finishing third-first-third in his first three races. After some slower races on day two, he pulled ahead at the end to finish in second place overall with 36 points.

“We worked very well as a team and never quit,” Terhune said of his crew. “The key was knowing that it was lake sailing, and to keep pressing along and working hard since things would change quickly. It didn’t hurt that our new sails were quite fast!”

It was Flynn and his crew, however, who dominated the regatta. After a rough first race, they quickly sailed ahead and finished in the top three spots for seven of the nine races. Their incredible 22-point finish – 14 points ahead of Terhune and 27 points ahead of third place – secured their win.

“My advantage was Mark Foster and Matt Romberg,” said Flynn. “We have sailed together and against each other for the past 20 years. These guys called tactics and allowed me to concentrate on just driving the boat. With the changes in angles and velocity, that made my job easier.”

Congratulations to everyone on a great regatta!

J/22 Midwinter Championship
1 – Terry Flynn, Tejas
2 – Allan Terhune, Jr., Dazzler

For full results from the J/22 Midwinter Championship, click here


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TP52 Quantum Racing Launches New Boat, New Look


With a stunning and eye-catching livery, the new TP52 Quantum Racing (USA) was recently launched in Spain and is now undergoing sea trials before the start of an intense racing season.

As 2014 and 2013 Champion of the 52 Super Series with an impressive eight-year resume that includes four TP 52 World Titles (2014, 211, 2010 and 2008) and two MedCup titles (2011 and 2008), Quantum Racing is looking forward to an exciting and challenging 2015.

The new Botin design Quantum Racing, owned by Doug DeVos, was built by Longitude Cero in Burriana, Spain, under the close supervision of build manager Jared “Beach” Henderson from New Zealand who joined the team this year, with mid-bow duties when sailing. This is the third Quantum Racing 52 to be built at this facility. Quantum Racing will train out of Palma de Mallorca with the goal of making a racing debut at Gaastra PalmaVela from April 29th to May 3rd, alongside many of the other new TP52s that will be competing in the 52 Super Series.

This year’s season for Quantum Racing is charged with great anticipation. Doug DeVos and his son Dalton will be playing a more active part in the programme, sharing the role of helmsmen together with America’s Cup and match race veteran Ed Baird. Doug and Dalton plan to steer the boat at four of the six events of the 52 Super Series, which will kick off with Valencia Sailing Week on May 19th.

“We cannot wait to see our new Quantum Racing on the start line in Valencia, alongside eight other new-generation, freshly built TP52s and four existing boats,” commented Doug DeVos. “It will be an exciting season with six events in great locations, and the key to success will be consistency. It is wonderful to share my passion for sailing with my son Dalton and the rest of the team, whom I consider as part of my extended family. Competitive sailing at this level requires commitment, determination, goal setting and the desire to grow and improve, with common core values.”

The role of tactician will be shared by Terry Hutchinson from the USA and Adrian Stead from the UK, the latter returning to the team after a three-year hiatus. Juan Vila from Spain is back as navigator. Tom Burnham (pit) and Greg Gendell (bow) from the USA, and Brett Jones (trim) from Australia have sailed with the team since the very early days in 2008. Their knowledge of the group’s dynamics and the close ties with the other members who have been part of Quantum Racing since the start – Ed Reynolds, Libby Tomlinson, Keith Brash, Mark Koetje, Jeremy Smith, Martin Winter – are an invaluable asset. For the 2015 season, three new members will join Quantum Racing: Jared Henderson in the sailing team, Tim Hardy (Australia) and Simon McLean (New Zealand) as shore crew.

For Ed Reynolds, President of Quantum Sail Design Group and Quantum Racing Managing Director, trust and a long-term vision are fundamentals when building and growing a successful brand: “What you see on the water on a circuit like the 52 Super Series is the result of meticulous labor, planning and training, to which every member of the team contributes with its own expertise and personality, and a lot of this happens behind the scenes. Quantum Racing builds its strength on a highly experienced core group, and new talent which is brought in each year.”


Another unique element to Quantum Racing is the strong relation between competitions, and product development and sail design technology. Better than a wind tunnel, Quantum Racing is the ultimate test platform for Quantum’s Fusion M™ sails and iQ Technology® – the company's proprietary sail design and manufacturing process. With over 200 hours of sailing each season in a full range of wind and sea conditions, the Quantum Racing program provides the most controlled way to gather data, verify performance targets and identify areas for improvement. The 52 Super Series also provides a great opportunity to share knowledge: other TP52 teams using Quantum® sails have full access to the company's sail design team, on-the-water test results and optimization procedures.

Quantum Racing’s continuing partnership with Bravo Systems and Vspars is a key component of this process. The other returning partnering companies, all leaders in their respective fields, contribute to the team’s success, well-being and commitment to sustainability. These include technical gear manufacturer Gaastra Pro, Amway specializing in consumer products and business opportunities, and the 11th Hour Racing, a program of the Schmidt Family Foundation seeking to mobilize the sailing and marine industry to create systemic change for the improved health of our oceans.

Full list of crew bios here. 

Ed Baird, Helm
Keith Brash, Media
Tom Burnham, Pit
Sean Clarkson, Runners
Dalton DeVos, Helm
Doug DeVos, Helm
Warwick Fleury, Main
Greg Gendell, Bow
Tim Hardy, Shore Crew
Jared Henderson, Mid-bow
Terry Hutchinson, Tactician
Brett Jones, Trim
Mark Koetje, Support boat
Lorenzo Mazza, Trim
Simon McLean, Shore Crew
Romolo Ranieri, Mast
Ed Reynolds, Managing Director
Jeremy Smith, Boat Captain
Adrian Stead, Tactician
Rowan Swanson, Rigger
Libby Tomlinson, PR/Media
Piet van Nieuwenhuijzen, Grinder
Juan Vila, Navigator
Martin Winter, Sailmaker

Valencia Sailing Week, Valencia (Spain), May 19th – 23rd
Week of the Straits, Porto Cervo (Italy), June 9th – 13th
TP52 World Championship, Puerto Portals (Spain), July 14th – 18th
Copa del Rey, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), August 4th – 8th
Cascais Cup, Cascais (Portugal), September 16th – 20th

Designer: Botin Partners
Builder: Longitude Cero (Spain)
Length: 15.85 m
Draft: 3.5 m
Beam: 4.42 m
Displacement: 7025 kg
Mast Height (from water line): 23.8m
Bow Sprit Length: 2260mm
Mast Weight: 235 kg
Crew Weight Max: 1050 kg
Mainsail Area: 98.0 m2
Spinnaker Area: 270.0 m2
Jib Area: 66.0 m2

Quantum Racing is equipped with Fusion M™ Grand Prix sails from Quantum Sail Design Group. These high modulus, carbon fiber membrane sails feature a custom fiber array and shapes developed with the company’s iQ Technology™. The panels are laminated in a two-step, vacuum-pressure process, cured, then shaped – a method that guarantees the repeatability of sail shapes.

For more information about Quantum Racing please visit http://www.quantumsails.com/Racing/

To access press materials and high-res image downloads, please register here

Media Contact for Quantum Racing
Libby Tomlinson
Cell: +1-231-313-8898
Skype: libby.tomlinson
Email: ltomlinson@quantumsails.com




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The Q Team is at Your Service at Sperry Charleston Race Week

April 16-19, 2015

Quantum Sails is proud to return as Sponsor and Official Sailmaker for Sperry Charleston Race Week offering the highest level of service and support to all race teams. 

• On-site overnight Sail Repair by Quantum Sails Charleston on the porch outside Reel Bar. Drop in after racing or contact John Bowden at 843-754-9547 or jbowden@quantumsails.com

• Daily Video Debrief at 6:15 PM on the Main Stage/Jumbotron with America’s Cup winner and Quantum Racing helmsman Ed Baird and Quantum Racing cameraman Keith Brash.

• Quantum Hospitality Tent: Stop by and register to WIN Quantum Racing® Gear!

• Quantum-sponsored Owners' Party: 5:00-7:00 PM, Saturday, April 18th at the shoreside dining tent. Bring a guest and join us for fun, food, and specialty beverages.

Quantum Contacts at Sperry Charleston Race Week 2015
John Bowden, 843-754-9547, M20 Portobello
Alex Clegg, 401-301-7068, J/111 Heat Wave
Wally Cross, 586-596-8854, J/70 Wind Czar
Tim Greves, 401-658-6608, J/111 Wicked
Kerry Klingler,  914-924-3466, J/70  Menace
Martin Kullman, 727-560-0164, J/70 Reach Around
Gary Leduc, 508-965-7897, J/111 Wicked 2.0
Scott Nixon, 410-703-2578, J/111 My Sharona
Andrew Scott, 410-353-1518, Support
Doug Stewart, 410-353-1427, Support
Allan Terhune, 410-644-1051, M20
Steve Thurston, 401- 529-4821, J/29 Mighty Puffin
Libby Tomlinson, 231-313-8898, Event Coordinator
Nick Turney, 419-346-4197, J/111 Spaceman Spiff
Patrick Whitmarsh, 415-939-1965, M20 Flygfisk            

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