Q and A with Allan Terhune

Quantum Sail Design Group is pleased to welcome Allan Terhune, Jr. as Global one design Director. Terhune will provide oversight for the company’s one design program, including customer support, sales and marketing, sail development, and program expansion.

Earlier this year we shared Allan’s biography (click here to read), but we recently had a chance to sit down with him to ask a few specific questions about his experiences and expectations.

How are you going to approach your new role with Quantum, and how do you want to make your mark?

Obviously, I am very excited about my new role at Quantum. While the challenge ahead is great, we have an awesome opportunity in front of us. All of that said, I approach this new era at Quantum with the same approach I have had my whole career, to be open minded, honest, and give 110% all the time. I feel like my mark will be that I will enhance the already great team that we have here, that we will be the group that helps grow the sport we all love, and we will do it all with hard work and integrity.

What are Quantum's strengths for a one design sailmaker?

Quantum has two major strengths. The first is the quality of the product, which is second to none. I now realize how much effort and detail are put into the Quantum products and that the company stands behind each sail 100 percent. There is a sense of pride with the products, and it is felt by everyone who is part of the Quantum team.

The second strength is the team. The Quantum one design team is diverse, talented, and enthusiastic. Everyone here is dedicated to making sure that all of our customers have a great experience and want to be sailing their boats more.

What will your influence be on the company's one design sail designs?

I have spent my entire life sailing one design boats, and I have found that sails that are easy to set up and user-friendly end up being fastest. My influence will always be to have sails that are user-friendly without compromising speed, and that we will be there to provide all the necessary information so our customers get the most out of their sails.

What's your approach to providing great customer service to boat owners and their programs?

To me, there are three keys to providing the best customer service: knowledge, accessibility, and honesty. Any sales guy can blow smoke at a customer, but the teams that are providing the best service know the products, listen to their customers, and tell them the truth. We also realize that every program has different needs and we are there to provide that level of care, from the Grand Prix teams all the way down to the club racer and day sailor. When you do these things, sailors feel good and are excited to sail, which is all we can ask for.

In providing leadership for the one design area, what do you want to accomplish?

We want to offer our customers the best experience available and have them want to sail more. Sailing is what we all love to do, and we are going to share our passion and knowledge of the sport with everyone we can, Quantum customer or not. When we do this, Quantum will be the source for one design sails, service, and support.

What can one design racers expect to see out of Quantum in the future?

It’s an exciting time at Quantum, and we look forward to sharing our excitement with our fellow sailors. Racers will see the quality of Quantum products continue to shine, and they can rest assured we will never stop pushing to have the best sails available. I would also expect to see a cohesive team that is ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to help. We will evaluate everything we do. Some things will change over time, some things won’t, but I can assure everyone we will always be willing to try new things, we will work harder than any other sailmaker, and we will always be advocates for our sport.

For boat owners using other brands, why should they try Quantum?

Quantum offers its clients an opportunity where they can be more than just a number in the system. We strive to not only provide sailors with sails that have the ability to win races (which they do), but to also provide the support and care each customer deserves. We want all of our sailors to enjoy every minute they have on the water, and we want Quantum sails to help put smiles on their faces.

Describe a past accomplishment that illustrates how you will thrive in this position.

I am fortunate to have had many successes, both on the water and off, in this industry. Every time I look back, those successes came down to evaluating the situation, making a plan, and executing with the best of my ability. I am passionate about sailing, and when you are passionate, you give it your all. That is why we, and I, will thrive.

What's your superpower?

My superpower has been to surround myself with awesome teammates, both on and off the water, who make me look good all the time. I am so fortunate to sail and work with the best people, which allows me to succeed and have the best time doing it.

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Project Mayhem Wins Red Grant Regatta By Closest Margin

Project Mayhem wins their class at the 2014 Red Grant Regatta. Courtesy Photo.
Doug and Amy Stryker won the 2014 Red Grant Regatta last week in a tie-breaker decision.  Considered one of the most anticipated auxiliary sailboat regattas in the state of New Jersey, the Strykers raced aboard their Santana 30/30, Project Mayhem, during the July 12-13 event. They placed third in the first three races before winning the last three to tie Jim Mackevich and For Sail with twelve points. With three wins to his one, however, they earned the class win. Congratulations!
For full regatta results, click here
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Shestopalov Continues Winning Streak at Optimist North American Championships

Florida native Ivan Shestopalov continued his winning streak this month with a win at the Optimist North American Championships, held July 9-16 in Nayarit, Mexico. Though the wind conditions shifted and dropped on the last day of racing, the race committee organized a final event through difficult conditions for the competitors. Shestapolov finished ten points ahead of second place in the closed competition to become North American Champion, placing second overall. This win comes three months after he won the South American Championship in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Shestopalov has been using Quantum® Opti sails for years and has been climbing the leaderboard ever since. In 2011 he won one of seven events. In 2012 he improved to two of ten. Last year, Ivan won seven of ten races, including the Junior Olympic Sailing Festival and the Orange Bowl Regatta. He has won the South American Championship twice, and has his sights set on Worlds, having finished 12th and 7th before. He is currently traveling the globe to raise support for his trip to Worlds this October in Argentina.
Shestopalov started sailing with Quantum’s Radial Green, and he was an early test pilot for the XR-1 sails. He currently sails with the Quantum XR-1 Black sail.
For full results of the 2014 North American Championship, click here
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